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Check out the Vegan-Friendly Makeup Brushes from Stilazzi

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You read about the Stilazzi eyeshadow brushes, now it is time to check out the face brushes. These brushes are made, again, of synthetic hair.  Great for those who prefer a vegan friendly and cruelty free type of makeup brushes.

As mentioned, these are very reasonably priced synthetic brushes, ranging in price from $3.95 to $22.95.  All these brushes including the eye brushes in my previous post are very well made.  The ferrules are sturdy steel which keep their shape unlike some cheap brushes which have an aluminum one which easily bend out of shape.  The hair is firmly packed at the base to keep their shape yet the tip allows for a smooth control of color application.

Stilazzi S-133 ($12.50):  With its dome shape tip, this brush makes the perfect brush for applying highlighter, blush, or powder in specific areas.  Also great to use as a contour blush brush.  Don't equate the word "synthetic" with pokey hair, this one is as soft and pleasing as any animal hair one.

Stilazzi S-133

Stilazzi S-128 ($12.50):  This is an angled blush brush, perfect for applying blush onto the cheeks and to contour them.  If you like angled brushes, then this is the one for you!

Stilazzi S-128

Stilazzi S-106 ($14.50): A densely packed brush made with thicker synthetic hair, this brush is made more for cream foundations and concealers.  The pointed tip allows for easy application along the hills and valleys of the face!

Stilazzi S-106

Stilazzi S-107 ($20.95): A somewhat chubby brush with a densely packed amount of hair, this one is perfect for buffing in minerals or applying any cream product.  It may look stiff but the white tip is soft as a kitten's tail!  If you like mineral makeup, this is a MUST HAVE!

Stilazzi S-107

These are some of the synthetic face brushes made by Stilazzi, the house brand of Frends Beauty.  There are more so check them out.

Up next, the dual-fiber brushes!

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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