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MisAdventures in Beauty Blogging: When a Brand Wants Free Advertisement

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*This haircolor brand wanted free advertising! Shame on them!*

This post is mainly for you non-bloggers and my cult members. In my almost 6 years in beauty blogging, I can say several situations have occurred behind-the-scenes which lead me to screaming-into-a-pillow and realizing blogging is not just about blogging.

First, I have to ask you, do you think I have credibility in beauty blogging?  I would truly like to know.  I ask this because of the confusing aftertaste I had with PR.

I had been contacted by a brand to write up a fun and loving post about their product.  Let me emphasize they contacted me, I never even tweeted or emailed them.  I never knew they existed until other blogs I read received samples from them to try.

As you long time readers you know, I have written up a major Definitive Guide or How-To’s on various beauty topics.  I am very proud of those and very happy that you appreciate and read them.  I also appreciate the fact that many of you refer your friends to those guides. 

Getting back to the PR.  Okay, write up a post but I really need to try the product because, after all, I did write a major Definitive Guide on the very category of the product.  I want my readers to know how the product works and pertains to that guide.

Well, guess what? No sample for me!  But as I stated, other bloggers have received the product to try.  Edited for fairness: I mistakenly said they were owned by a big corporation, instead they are funded by a major venture capitalist company. 

Okay, so you might say, why should they give me a sample?  You are right, I shouldn’t depend on a sample, yet they did contact me.  I have blogged for almost 6 years and for those who have been with me from the beginning know I am not greedy towards samples.  Just that this product had a place for a posting because it suited the personality of the blog.

Now, I have them on my Shit List!!!  Thanks, MADIS*N RE*D

Something else you readers may or may not know, I am at the bottom rung or even not on any rung of the beauty blogging ladder when it comes to samples from many major brands. I get press releases instead (aka non-sample beauty news).

I will no longer do any press releases unless I really feel they suit the personality of the blog without a sample.  For the time it takes for me to write up a post on a product I never will get to try, I could write up an original post which will get more hits.  Yeah, my press release posts are the lowest rated on this blog!

So, this is what I learned, credibility doesn't matter to brands but it matters to me.  This blog is built on my personality and the personality of all of you (my cult members).  I really would have loved to write up a post of the product because I could have explained it in terms of the definitive guide  instead of just another generic see-how-it-turned-out post.  But, I guess that is how the beauty blog dice rolls!

Edited to add: Funny, how the brand turns right around and gives the next bloggers samples!!!! 👎

Tell me, what you think about this situation?


Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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