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The End or Start of My Makeup Journey

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Too Much Stuff

I know I said I needed a break, a long one, and I do.  I just didn't want to leave the blog hanging with a stupid non-picture post.  I know it sounds silly and ridiculous but the internet is the norm for stupid and silly!  I also want to thank you all for commenting on that post.  I couldn't write a reply because my eyes would start to well up with tears.  I apologize for not replying.

I decided this will be the last year I blog or the last year I can write about beauty in a semi-regularly.  Honestly, it would take divine intervention or a win at the lottery to keep this blog going.  Instead of just acting all nice, sweet, and fake like some big sell out (with which I have nothing to sell out to), I decided I might as well go out more as myself so I can stay sane!  As one of my readers described me, “punk/DIY/down to earth vibe”.  You nailed it, Asma!  

What was supposed to be a hobby turned into one surreal journey!  Real life feelings can be pushed into the virtual world and now with beauty flogging (I keep laughing when spell correct does this!) vlogging, there is a lot more BS and hype than ever before.  Keeping sane in a world that is really almost all advertising, nowadays, is hard.  Also, playing the game of hype can be exhausting unless you like it.  Me, I obviously failed hype!

Before my eyes start to well up with tears to the point where I can’t type, I have to say I am so proud to have virtually met and become good friends with some of my cult!  At no time did I ever dream there were so many great people. I just wish we could all get together in some annual event and just talk the truth about beauty and makeup.  It wouldn’t matter if you were a minimalist or a maximum makeup person. We would all be ourselves and just talk like a bunch of chickens in a happy coop!

Anyway, see the picture in the beginning?  You know how many beauty bloggers and vloggers show off their supposedly sponsored bag of goodies?  (Which you are paying for indirectly!)  Well, that bag is my unsponsored big bag of purging!  The train case below carries what I need, and it still has a lot of empty space!

Things I Bought for the Blog

What I am purging is what I bought to support this blog which is about 99%.  It is my fault for buying what I thought would be great or what I thought I needed.  One percent consisted of PR samples going rancid.

I had to purge because for one the stuff is old and used.  Two, there is no use in keeping rancid makeup because I am not opening any museum.  (By the way check out Makeup Museum  for pristine makeup products past and present!)  Three, I don’t have time to use 200 steps of product just to get that great makeup look.  Four, with the lack of preservatives or the use of some weak preservatives; makeup isn’t worth keeping.  Five, buck it up; I wasted my own money on these!

Products I Love

I guess you are wondering what made the cut.  My Summer Beauty Essential items all made the cut.  I use those products regularly or in rotation.  No problems there.

Stilazzi products I keep for their most stellar quality at a truly unbeatable bargain price.  Any brand that can do both deserves a gold medal in beauty product marketing!

Products I Love 1

Overall Beauty and Fusion of Color products made the cut.  These colors are original and made by hand.  These lines actually have a soul and you know nowadays that is hard to find in makeup! 

Products I Love 2

  Maqpro from nigelbeauty.com RCMA from camerareadycosmetics.com

Also, any of the pigments can be turned into killer cream and liquid colors just by using one of these three items:  Temptu Mixing Medium, MAQpro Mixing Medium, or RCMA Clear.

My pigsty or pigments survived because I can just mix colors and live in some fourth dimension technicolor dream.

My Pigpen

The products I mentioned are what I need and use.  Maybe, I should write a definitive guide on how to purge products or how to keep your makeup sanity!  Hmmm, a good title! 

Why I bought the products had to do with finding ones which were Wise Owl friendly.  This quest is important to me because not only is Olivia Sr. a part of it and a makeup lover.  She is also the lost generation for the majority of beauty brands as seen on the internet.  The other reason is I, we, you are all growing older and I don’t want to be part of the lost makeup generation.  Makeup needs to return to its simple and beautiful roots because time is precious!

I did find some answers during my quest, and I had to use Olivia Sr. as a guinea pig! Poor her!  This may also answer some of your questions too.  Why the hell makeup has become more complicated when it was simpler less than a decade ago?

Let’s make the ending of my beauty blogging career blog or its last glorious days a good ones!

By the way, if you are wondering about the product in my Misadventures in Beauty Blogging post, it was for hair color.  The brand which is a “salon type” at home color service kind of rhymes with "rhubarb peed".  They contacted me because they found my hair color posts via google.  And if you can guess who they are, you will see the plethora of samples given to the other beauty bloggers.  I guess I wasn’t qualified enough to receive a hair color sample! 

I cursed in three different languages that day!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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