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Truthful Thoughts about Adorn 3D Foundation Printer Pen

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen. Free ads means no links!*

Beauty has its hyped up moments and sometimes to really see a potential of a product, you really have to sit back and ignore all the great words which describe the product.  Take for example this beauty innovation, the Adorn 3D Foundation Pen.

If you remember back a year, Grace Choi made headlines with her Mink 3D Makeup Printer.  Although, this product was a prototype and actually a hacked HP Printer; the idea of combining technology with beauty wasn't a bad one.

In fact, Adorn has created what it calls a 3D Foundation Printer Pen.  Operated by a rechargeable battery, this sleek looking beauty gadget has the technology to match any skin tone of any depth from porcelain white to ethnic dark. Also, with the fluctuations of skin tone due to seasonal changes, this pen will create the perfect adjustment to your foundation.  No more mixing on your own or buying another color for the summer.  All the colors are housed in this smart beauty gadget!

Unlike the makeup printer which had its manual mixing elements, this pen does the mixing for you.  It will first read your skin tone then customize the result with the housed foundation cartridge.

At the touch of a button, an inbuilt scanner carries out a color analysis of the face with outstanding accuracy. It then uses results to blend multi-hued foundation shades in the cylinder of the pen. Once the perfect shade has been achieved, it prints the bespoke color base straight onto the fingertips.

Okay, so this sounds so innovative and just great!


At first I thought this sounded very similar to Sephora's Color IQ gadget and maybe it is when it comes to determining the skin tone.  Many cosmetic chemists will tell you the only true method of color matching is done via a well-trained person with a good eye in color mixing.  The variables which can go into scanning the skin can be tremendous.  The amount of light hitting the skin, to the angle of the instrument held, to the type of lighting used to scan the skin; these variables can alter the read out of a skin tone.  There really is no way for a computer to read or print out a perfect match.

Pigments are another ingredient which I question.  Yes, this Adorn Foundation Pen houses various pigments in varying degrees.  However, from what I have learned about foundation, it takes varying depths of the pigments in the same color family to really create a good quality foundation to mimic human skin tones.

This being said, if I become too picky, I find the product gimmicky. HOWEVER, this beauty gadget for the average beauty consumer can create a foundation close to one's skin tone; easier than trying to figure it all out.  So, I bet you are wondering about the cost.

You can pre order the Adorn 3D Makeup Pen for a mere $139 (with a shipping charge of $20), regular price is $279.  Refill cartridges of foundation are said to cost $20.

I haven't ordered but will be curious to see those who order it will think.  For me, I am pretty picky about foundation formulas.  They have to feel comfortable on my skin.  Knowing I would be enslaved to only the Adorn foundation cartridge makes me waffle on buying.

But, let's not say this is truly a gimmick.  Think of what the future can hold for this type of gadgetry.  I am seeing some great custom color cream shadow sticks or even lipsticks.  Think of it, scan a color and let it "print" out the color you were seeking!

Adorn I will be keeping a close eye on you!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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