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If I Could Do My Beauty Blog Over

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen*

I went through this blog with a fine tooth comb.  Okay, not as fine as it should have been since I didn't make all the changes I wanted to.  I did check EVERY SINGLE POST and they brought back many memories!

As I revisited my posts, I could see which ones I liked writing about the most; the pro brands.   I should have stuck to my guns from the beginning of this blog.  As you can read from this post and this one, you can see how I was introduced into the pro lines before the internet existed.

If I had the unlimited funds and a time machine, I would have just covered the pro brands from a regular beauty lover's view.  Why? These brands just allow thinking outside the box.  And, I love thinking outside the beauty box!

Rewind a bit, when I was introduced to pro lines way back in the 1980's, I didn't understand.  They weren't pretty, just big containers of color.  Pretty packaging was the ego of my beauty life because they defined what the pressed tablets of talc were inside.  With pro brands the definition wasn't beauty but the imagination of how the product could be used.  It could be mixed with other products as long as it was in the safety realm of cosmetic ingredients.  The intensity of color was greater which back then was scary because cosmetic brands had subtle pigmentation.

Now, regular people are willing to try the brands.  I know some of you have dipped your toes into some of these brands.  I am happy to see this curious exploration, but there is so much more. These brands are really the basis of all the cosmetic trends you see.  Only reason they aren't named as much, there is no big campaign or pretty packaging to accompany them.

I remember the first time I saw the Ben Nye line at a theatrical store, I asked about the Fireworks & Fantasy wheel.  The employee of the shop brought out this huge display of Ben Nye products.  I WAS IN AWE!!!!  My makeup heart fluttered!  You know how beauty vloggers have their nice display and vanity table of makeup in the background of their videos?  Well, I would have the display of Ben Nye products on my walls!  In fact, I would just plaster my walls with displays from various pro brands.

That memory brings back the same emotions of excitement when I read my pro brand posts.  I know I am not some popular beauty guru or some great makeup artist to be qualified to talk about these brands, but I love pro brands over any regular cosmetic line.  I am not stifled in my beauty thinking.  I see the complexity of the pigments and how they relate to skin tones.  I like to see how the pigments reflect with different lighting.  I just like to see what happens!

Going back to what I said in the beginning, I should have stuck to what I truly loved and believed in than trying to believe major hits to my blog would make me feel "successful".  Cosmetic brands may bring traffic to your site if you are lucky enough to be noticed.  But that recognition is fleeting because all they care about is how much they are selling.  They don't know you.  They just know they love the PR they are getting from very little cost.

Even though many pro brands don't know that I exist, it doesn't matter because in my makeup brain I can feel the gears turning and working.  It isn't about them, it is all about me and the fun I get with their makeup!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!

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