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The Anniversary and Death of Beauty

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post or any ITP posts, they have been stolen!*

First, the sad news.  At 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, I tried to revive ...

my other blog Into the Palette.  I tried posting a tutorial but my brain refused to allow the blog to go on with what little energy it had left.  I know I have been neglecting that blog and I did it for several reasons.  For one, some dimwit decided to post my tutorials and make them their own and make money off of them.  I wasn't the only one who he/she made money off of, there were other big blogs he/she used for $$$.

Second, with the blogging world changing, I don't think ITP has a place anymore.  The blogging community has changed.  No one is as nice as they used to be.  Sponsorship and PR freebies are important to many.  Giving a shout out or a mention isn't in the hearts of many anymore.

Third, the tutorial I was working on left me to ponder.  Like many have said, if you don't want something copied or left uncredited by many, don't put it up on the internet.  After all, why should others benefit from something I took time to explain?  Why don't I make the money instead?  Anyway, that one tutorial is way up in the air.  At this moment, I am not happy with the blogging/vlogging community.

This leads me to this blog.  It will be 7 years old!  In all honesty, I feel like an idiot for continuing it the way it is.  No sponsorship, content stolen, my brain working overtime, being treated like a pandering pup by some product lines.

No, I won't do free advertising.  You found my blog, prove to me your product is worth all its words with a sample!  If blogging for seven years isn't worth anything to a brand, then your one year in the business isn't worth the hype that you print!

Let's get real!  No one wears as much makeup as there is product being hawked.  I have come to a point in my life I like my skin with all the freckles, wrinkles, and laugh lines.  I am not perfect but then again, perfect beauty is a myth but inner beauty is perfect!  Everyone has it!

And this brings me to this conclusion, there are many products out there and not all of them suit my personality.  Case in point, I can't do nail polish.  I like applying it once in a while but I don't do it regularly.  I like to dig my nails in the dirt and wiggle them with the earthworms!  I like using my nails as tools.  I like leaving them naked for all the world to see because I can't be judged alone just by my nails!

What I can be judged on, I am not one to jump on the beauty bandwagon to tell you every product is FANTASTIC.  My last disappointment and someone knows about it all too well, was my Burberry.  I expected a gay man to come out of the package and apply my eye makeup with some magic wand, but it never happened!  Okay, I didn't expect that but for all the marketing hype, I did have high expectations for it.

Back to Into the Palette.  I am not quite sure if it will stay up or if the posts will be incorporated it into this blog.  Hell, I don't know if this blog has the will to survive Lucky 7!

Still whatever happens, my favorite part of blogging is getting to know some true virtual friends.  I don't think my real life would have been as great if I hadn't talked to many of you!!

Love you all!!!


Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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