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Oils of Heaven Cacay Oil - The New Facial Oil

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*PR Sample*

There are many oils out there now not just for cooking but for skin care.  All of them do aid in the benefit of moisturizing the skin.  But all aren't created as wearable and comfortable as Oils of Heaven Cacay Oil.

When I first received a sample of Cacay oil from Oils of Heaven, I thought it would just be another oil touted to be the next best like argan oil.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love oils in their un-mixed state.  In fact, I have tried many oils from rice bran oils to jojoba oils as a skin moisturizer.  I don't find anything wrong in using just an oil for a moisturizer.  But, I do find many of them are not suitable just on their own except maybe for the Cacay oil.


Cacay oil is a cold-pressed oil harvested from the Cacay nuts found in the Columbian jungle.  The oil itself compared to Argan oil has 50% more vitamin E and twice the amount of Linoleic acid making it an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing oil for acne prone skin.  This oil also contains three times more vitamin A than Rosehip Oil.  With these properties, it makes it a pretty good anti-aging oil.

Oils of Heaven Cacay oil (£39) is 100% pure cacay oil.  Nothing is mixed with it.


You might think a pure oil may be too oily for the skin.  Not with Cacay oil.  I found this oil to be somewhere between grapeseed oil which is a what I consider a dry oil and sometimes a bit too dry to moisturize and jojoba oil which is still a bit oily but not as oily as the common castor oil.

Cacay Oil v. Castor Oil

Castor oil has been the oil in many cosmetics from lipsticks to eyeshadows and it is a pretty decent oil but it does have its downside, one being sticky and another being too oily.  Here is a comparison of the Cacay oil and Castor oil.  You can see with the Cacay oil, it is already absorbing into the paper while the Castor oil just sits there and looks glossy (which is why it is used in lipsticks).


Pretending the background paper is skin, I spread the oils like I would on my face.  See how the Cacay oil spreads evenly and absorbs?  The Castor oil is still in its thick state and just lingers.


I spread the leftover oil a bit more and the Cacay oil absorbs evenly into the paper while the Castor oil just sits on top without any chance of absorption.

Difference of Cacay v. Castor on Skin

If any of you have tried Castor oil you know how sticky it is and how you have to wipe off the excess or it will transfer onto anything you touch including the clothes you wear.  With the Cacay oil, there is no problem.  In fact, it feels similar to silicone oil but without that tight dryness which can occur when silicone dries onto the skin.

You can use Cacay oil on its own as a moisturizer.  It will not feel dry or leave a thick film of oil on your face.  You can apply makeup afterwards without any problem.  I wouldn't be surprised if you even skipped the makeup primer with this oil because it will smooth out the skin.  There is a slight nutty butter scent to this oil but it dissipates after a few minutes.

I think Cacay oil has many possibilities, even on its own it is a great non-oily, non-sticky, non-greasy, moisturizer for ALL skin types.  As an additive to a cosmetic product, I think it has potential.  I mean, why not mix it with your favorite foundation before application and create that ultimate foundation serum?  I know I would!  I would even use this on my hair since it doesn't have that heavy greasy property to it.

If you weren't a fan of argan oil because of its texture, then maybe you will find it right with Cacay oil. You can try it from Oils of Heaven for £39.  They do offer free shipping WORLDWIDE.



*PR sample from Oils of Heaven.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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