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Organizing Makeup - Ohuhu Acrylic Makeup Organizer

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When it comes to my makeup, organized chaos is how I handle my products.  The makeup is either in a basket to rummage through or strewn across a vanity table only to be recognized as puzzle pieces of a makeup jigsaw.  Yes, there are times when a brow pencil is right in front of me, but I don’t see it because it just doesn’t register as one and I end up using a substitute product.  Fear no more!  I have the Ohuhu Acrylic Makeup Organizer.

Ohuhu Acrylic Drawers

The Ohuhu Acrylic Makeup Organizer ($17.99) is made out of a sturdy clear plastic.  It includes 3 drawers with black drawer liners and the standing top organizer.  (I skipped the measurements since they are all written on the website in pretty good detail.)

Drawer Liners

I would skip these drawer liners and replace them with the non-slip ones or some paper.  These tend to be very linty.  I had little threads of black all over my bathroom counter.  I wouldn't want them in my makeup.

Top Organizer

The drawer part has a groove to hold the top stand in place.  It should fit perfectly.  If it doesn't, then you probably have it upside down.  (I wonder who did that????)

The Grooves


Yes, it organizes and depending on how much you like to organize whether alphabetically or via product type.  It also depends on HOW MUCH YOU OWN!  I have a relatively small collection compared to others.  But, I am certainly not minimal.

The Organization

You see the jar of loose mineral powder in front?  I would have preferred to house this in one of the drawers.  It didn't fit.  The drawers tend to be shallow, not too shallow but shallow for some of the products sold today.

Those aren't all my makeup brushes either.  I didn't have enough room because the handles would not fit.  If you own brushes that are not the usual shape makeup brushes or own a big fat handled one, you need to house them in a separate container.  Pencils, lipsticks, and stick concealers can be housed in the little slots for easy viewing.

The drawers housed the small products nicely but when it came to the odd-sized product like the Ben Nye Cake Foundation, other products couldn't be arranged nicely.  Or maybe, I am just buying the wrong products.


For the Sue Devitt Eyeshadows the drawers can hold more than I own!  I know I still have room there but I couldn't house the odd-sized designer eyeshadow palette because the depth of the drawer didn't allow it.  If I got rid of some of the shadows then they would fit.

More Stuff

It did allow for a full Viseart Eyeshadow Palette and some blush and other odds and ends.


Do I think this organizer is worth $17 and change?  Yes, if you have a small collection of consistently sized products.  You can buy more than one to organize a larger amount of makeup.  You could also use this as a jewelry organizer or a stationary organizer. (Does anyone ever write anymore?)  Either way, if you need to organize a certain amount of makeup, this organizer can certainly help.

Makeup Organizer

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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