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The Must-Have Colors from Suva Beauty Hydra Cream Bases

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Suva Beauty has one of the best eyeshadow bases. After the initial purchase of the Caramel Hydra Base, I knew I had to get some more colors. I didn't buy any of the wild colors but that doesn't mean I didn't want them. 

The ones I bought are the colors which are constantly sold out on many websites including Suva Beauty's.  These colors are the must-need colors for everyone because they are the staples of everyone's cosmetic collection.

Suva Beauty Must-Have Hydra Base Colors

Suva Beauty Hydra Cream Base in Bank ($11 USD) - Just like the fashion staple of a pair of white socks, this is a makeup staple for your collection.  White is needed to give any eyeshadow the ultimate blank canvas for color.  It is also needed when you mix with other colors.  As mentioned, any of these cream bases may be mixed with each other to tweak another base color.  If you find a certain base color too dark, then mix it with white to lighten it.

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For all the cream bases I used various eyeshadow colors from Suva to give you an idea of how the different bases look on cool to warm to neutral to color eyeshadows.  I used the following colors from left to right and top to bottom: Madrid, Turkish Bath, Seed, Resort, Denaru, Ba, Bamboo, Cherry Cola, Bula.

Bank Hydra Base

Suva Beauty Hydra Cream Base in Dark Humor ($11USD) - This is your basic black.  This is the one which will create that instant smoky eye look with ANY eyeshadow color.  It will also bring out the iridescence of any of the duochrome eyeshadows.  This is as important to have as the Bank.

Dark Humor Hydra Base

For the neutral matte shadows, the black background will deepen the colors.  For shimmers, it adds that extra bit of sultry and sooty look without diminishing the quality of the colors.  I like to use this one with Resort (dark red) and Ba (blue-purple) the most.

Suva Beauty Hydra Cream Base in Pantyhose ($11USD) - Depending on the undertone of your skin, it can look like a pink beige or a yellow beige.  It is the all-around nude eyeshadow base.  You can also use this as a concealer.  Nothing is written in stone that it is just for the eye area. It just says it is a cream BASE.  For the porcelain or fair skin toned, this may be a bit dark but like I said, if you buy Bank (white) you can always lighten it.

Pantyhose Hydra Base

The neutral colors tend to stay soft and neutral and the intensity of the shimmers are softened slightly.  If you wear a lot of neutrals,  I would say Pantyhose is a good one to get.

Suva Beauty Hydra Base in Caramel ($11USD) - If you haven't seen my post for this color, then go read it. I show the many ways to mix it.  I am repeating this color so you can see how the eyeshadows look on a honey yellow based cream.  This color is good for everyone especially if you have blue or purple discoloration on the lids.  Again, if the color is too dark, you can always mix it with Bank or your favorite concealer!

Caramel Hydra Base

The base adds a slight warmth to the colors without really altering the characteristic of the eyeshadows.  Ba (the blue-purple) still has its purple-ness without a sharp contrast due to the neutral warmth of the Caramel base.  The matte neutrals warm up a bit but the distinction of colors is apparent.

Here are all the base colors to compare.  The left side of the swatches have been mixed with water.  The slight dilution helps in spreading the product and the stickiness is not lost.  Remember, these are sticky bases and should not be smoothed out with some powder.  Pat the eyeshadow straight on top of the sticky base then blend!  The eyeshadow is your powder product.


These are the basic colors everyone needs.  You might think, "Oh, I only need one."  Yes, but you can layer these on top of your powder eyeshadows.  Below, the picture shows Turkish Bath eyeshadow has been blended on top of Pantyhose Hydra Base.  On top of that powder eyeshadow, Dark Humor has been layered.  Taking the ever beautiful Ba eyeshadow, it is layered on top of the Dark Humor to intensify and darken. 

Layer Them

Now, you see why you need more than one!!!!

These Hydra Cream Bases are a must-have for anyone of any age who wears eyeshadow.  You can't just think of these as a base.  You can use them as cream shadows for those days you just want something simple. Use them as a neutralizing base on your cheeks.  You know how some blushes will change color or won't look right because they are either too warm or too cool?  Take the appropriate base and apply it, then apply the blush.  Never think of these as just for the eyes.  As a reminder, you don't have to worry about these drying out like other cream eyeshadow bases.

If you live outside the US, check out Suva Beauty for retailers or order from them, as they offer international shipping.  For those of you who live within the USA.  Try District Glow.  I can't say enough about their fast shipping and great customer service. Tell them Olivia from The Unknown Beauty Blog sent you!

Shop Suva Beauty @District Glow

*I put up shopping links for your convenience.  I don't have affiliate links because I am an underground beauty blog with very little clout.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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