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How I Define Fast Fashion: The Ubiquitous White Shirt

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post on another site, it has been stolen.*
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Finding a reasonably priced white shirt usually means a cheap quality fabric, probably the fast fashion type which I am not a fan of at all.  I wasn't in the mood to spend money only to waste it on crappy clothing.  I decided to just go back to the true meaning of fast fashion, one that I grew up with.

A White Shirt

This is my fashion. I like white shirts. I like them a bit oversized for comfort and with a feminine flow.  It isn’t some shirt worn indoors for some selfie to show off on social media outlets. This is a shirt real people will see me wearing!!! Notice the sheerness, yet it isn't too sheer.  See how it drapes?  This is a lightweight modal cotton knit.  It is unbelievably comfortable.  I would be happy to have 7 of these, one for each day of the week.

It is a loose fitting shirt with loose sleeves.  I hate tight sleeves.  The sleeves allow me to move freely.  I can reach up without the shirt riding up.

Comfy Modal Shirt Pic 1

Comfy Modal Shirt Pic2

Sleeves are the area brands tend to cut costs when it comes to fabric, use as little as possible; a few pennies add up to millions saved.  If there is a shirt with nice loose sleeves like a raglan or dolman sleeve, I guarantee the shirt is not priced cheaply.  If it is, then the fabric will not be a high quality modal.  It will be a low quality modal or even some other type of fabric like a polyester mix. Also, if you see a model wearing a shirt with what looks like loose sleeves, most likely she is wearing a big size and the shirt is pinned in back.

This modal fabric is very good quality because the thread doesn't pill up. (There are other contributing factors to high quality fabric but I won't get into them. Maybe, another time.) The fabric is also made in the USA, not India. I guess you are wondering how much I paid for this shirt.  Before I tell, take a look at how this drapes and fits.

The neck has a nice opening, nothing too wide.  I might go for a V-neck next time for variety. Even with the long sleeves, it feels cool to the skin.  I can always roll up the sleeves with ease since the fabric isn't thick. The shirt goes with a pair of jeans or shorts.  It even goes great with a skirt.  It can be dressed up or down.  This is my all-around white shirt.  And I need to get more.

Ta Da!

So, I bet you are wondering how much it costs, right?  This shirt only cost me $2.50 USD, no wait maybe $3.00 if I count in the thread.  Yes, I made this!!! I have been sewing since I was a teen. No store bought pattern just a simple sketch of what had been lingering in my mind.  Sewing it was simple, just sew the seams.  The shirt doesn't even take a day to make.  This is true "fast fashion"!  The fabric is from Girl Charlee Fabrics.  They have a great variety of various knits.  I am a fan of their modal and rayon cotton blends.  I love how they drape. If you never shopped with them, go now because they have great fabrics.

Yes, I am putting up a referral link up because I love their fabric and if you ever buy from them, I can get a few pennies put into my account for my next purchase.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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