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Maybelline Color Tattoos in Pure Nude and Beige-ing Beauty

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Don't you hate it when every single beauty blog writes about the same product? Well, hate me because I am writing about the Maybelline Dare to Go Nude Color Tattoos Eyeshadows ($6.99).  You know how it is or was, one person starts streaking and pretty soon you have all these street streakers which becomes the norm!   Oh wait, I was having a bit of 70's memory relapse.  Back to beauty!

The Maybelline Color Tattoos in the Nude

Top: With flash Bottom: Without Flash

I really didn't want to buy any of these Maybelline Color Tattoos from the Dare to Go Nude collection because I have enough neutrals in powder and cream forms.  However, when that first sight of spring appears; the brain becomes clouded by the pollen itching and sneezing.  With the watery eyes, allergy meds, a box of Kleenex, and some coupons; a beauty buy is added.

The Swatches

I only bought two colors: Pure Nude which is a light ivory pink shimmer and Beige-ing Beauty which is a gold peach shimmer.  These were the perfect colors for the nude eye look and the perfect duo to really open up and lift my mature eyes.  You know I am all about opening up the eyes and looking wide awake.

The texture of these compared to MAC Paintpots are a bit more sheer, therefore the color intensity is a bit more diluted.  I don't mind though for these neutral/nude tones because I just want to use them to open up my eyes to add that touch of glow.

The Eyes

Although, it is hard to see in the pictures, I did use both of the colors.  For the inner corner and brow bone I used Pure Nude and on the center of the lid I used Beige-ing Beauty.  The combination pretty much makes a nice nude/neutral eye look.

I am pretty content with these Maybelline Color Tattoo colors in the nudes.  You can't go wrong with these two colors if you want to give that boost or illusion of lift to the eyes.  Just make sure to buy these before they are gone even though I don't understand why these are limited edition because they are great colors for everyone all year round! 

*I bought these.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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