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Mature Friendly Eye Makeup Products

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

In the eye opening tutorial for the very wise woman on Olivia Sr. , I didn’t mentioned the products used mostly because I wanted everyone to use what was available.  I did receive emails on the products used so I decided to post what was actually used.

For the powder eyeshadows, I used brands which easily work well on mature skin.

Powder Neutrals

Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow 164 - The color is more of a pink beige brown than an actual ash taupe.  It still allows for a very natural base for shimmer shadows and a realistic contour for porcelain to medium skin tones for the wisdom-filled mature woman.

Kryolan TV Brown has a stellar smooth matte finish and an even application on mature skin.  The color can be seen grouped with these other neutrals.  The color can also be used as a bronzer or a warm shaping color for the face.

Julie Hewett Eyeshadow in Vita - This is a dark brown which works well with the other two warm colors.  It provides a contrast and the texture allows for a soft application with enough pigment for accentuating the orbital area.

The Light, The Neutral, The Dark

Three Custom Color Specialists Eye Brightener - This may be a shimmery peach but it is so refined in the shimmer that it is one of the best mature friendly eyeshadows.  The light will hit this shadow so evenly and give that perfect amount of glow.  This can also be used as a facial highlighter.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Nude - This may not seem mature eye friendly at first, but depending how much and where it is applied it can really boost the eye open.  This one is applied right on the bulge of the eye to capture the light.

Addixt’n Cosmetics Eyeliner in Thrilling - The color is the perfect plum with shimmer.  Perfect for the mature woman who wants a dark color but without the black which can cause a very strong contrast on the older woman.  The texture is as good as the high end cosmetic brands out there.


MAQpro Conceler/Lip/Cheek Palette - This is one palette that is so user friendly and so skin friendly for any age.  The colors used were the lavender and peach for a highlight glow.  One note, I recently noticed this product has more than doubled in price! YIKES!  I think the price was close to $24 but now it is close to $53!  However, it is the best of the best of pro products and compared to luxury brands which contain so little, this will last a long time and is still quite a bargain.

The Products


There you have the products used for the tutorial.  Its a nice array of brands which work for mature skin textures. 

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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