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My Nigel Beauty Emporium Wishlist

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

During one of my breaks from real life, I decided to peruse the Nigel Beauty Emporium site to see what products I could ooh and aaah over.  Like a dog who finds bacon dangling in front of their eyes, I drooled and found many.  I narrowed my droolings down to 10 products.

As you know, my makeup tastes are a bit different from the norm.  I go for what I find will give me the most experimental and mind expanding challenge and fun or I go for what other people just don’t get!

1-Dablot Mini Cosmetic Palette $24 - I mentioned using either my ceramic bathroom tile or my stainless steel palette for mixing and blotting makeup.  Often times though, I use the back of my hand and I completely forget about it.  I end up smearing makeup on my clean clothes. 

This Dablot product can either be used on a flat surfaced or wrapped around your hand where you can easily mix and blot.  Wipes clean easily or you can use the next product with it.

2 - Dablot Makeup Palette Sheets 100 count $7 - Like Post-It Notes, this attaches onto the palette giving you a fresh one for each use.  Why use this? Maybe, you need to use something sticky like eyelash glue or you want to blot your nail polish or some other product that has to be disposed rather than wiped away.

3 - Twinkle Not Wrinkle Eye Cream by Nurturing Force $38 - You know when you start layering products especially around your eyes, the products tend to make application slippery.  So what do you do? You wipe down the eye area which in turn makes it feel dry and leaves that wrinkly appearance when you apply makeup.  ARGH! 

Twinkle Not Wrinkle is an eye treatment, a base, and primer all in one.  It won’t feel dry, won’t look wrinkled on mature skin, and contains no parabens.   It does all this in one step.  What a time saver especially in the mornings!

4 - Le Maquillage Pro Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette Neutral No. 1 $90  - Can I tell you how much I stare at this palette?  For many years I have gazed at the French website, dreaming someday stepping into the store to create my own personal eyeshadow palette.  But no need since this palette is available here in the US.  Look at those highly pigmented and smooth eyeshadows.   *Sighs with dreamy eyes.*

5 - Le Maquillage Pro Blush & Contour Palette $140 - Enough colors to contour, highlight, and color the cheeks or anywhere else on the face.  These uber pigmented tablets of French powder will give the perfect flush or illusion of it with such ooh-la-la flair. *Sighs again with dreamy eyes.*

6 -Roxanne Rizzo Bleecker Street/South Street Blush $31.95 - Yeah, I know I just showed you a blush palette but one can never have collect enough blush.  Two soft pink blushes in a compact.  I need something portable in my purse (my excuse).  It looks pretty!

7 - Ben Nye Lumiere Metallic Palette $60 - Yes, another palette!  This one has an array of metallics which can be used as sheer as needed or as opaque as wanted.  I have some ideas on how I would use this one.  It would give a boost to my usual eyeshadow looks.

8 - Ben Nye Fireworks & Fantasy Wheel $18 - I had this before and played around with it.  I knew how to use it in the sense that it should be layered and powdered.  Now, with more technique, I get it and am willing to experiment and add it to my eyeshadow arsenal.

9 - The Kett Jett Kit + Transformer Airbrush Kit $599 - I should or need to learn to really airbrush well because it is a skill that just makes makeup more like art.  Someday, I will get it.  Definitely on my Makeup Bucket List!

10 - Graftobian Goshman Clown nose $1.90 - And, finally a clown nose!  Face it, if my makeup looks awful with all the experimentation.  The best way to balance it out is with a clown nose!

I would probably break out into a song and dance like Gene Kelly and Judy Garland did in the movie, The Pirate.

What do you think of the wishlist?  Anything you like?

*Nothing bought, just wished upon a makeup star and planet.*

*Pix from Nigel Beauty Emporium.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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