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Take a Look at Fusion of Color Cosmetics

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
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Thanks to the dog days of summer, my interest in makeup wanes.  I find any cosmetic I apply ends up in a swirl of color by the end of the day like an Edvard Munch painting, The Scream.

Fusion of Color Cosmetics

So, when Fusion of Color offered me some samples, I replied by holding off until summer was over.  Then, I surfed the website and noticed some interesting face powders like Impeccable Finish Powder which is a nylon based face powder.  This in turn led my curiosity towards the color products.  I couldn’t wait until cool weather, I had to try it NOW!

Fusion of Color Cosmetics is a mineral makeup line created by Kathy Duncan.  It is a full fledged line of color products for the face from foundations in various skin tones to lip color. 

Perfect Canvas Primer, Impeccable Finish Powder, Aura Lusion Diamond Powder

Primer & Powders

Perfect Canvas Primer ( 0.50oz - $15.75; 1oz - $28.75) You honestly don't need to look towards big name brands for a face primer because independent brands make face primers which are just as good.  In fact, some may be better for your skin since they contain less ingredients which in turn means you get a product which is suppose to do its job--prime the face.

For some of you, you may find many primers feel so slick and slippery that they don't prime the face, they just act as a slide for makeup and do not keep it in place.  This primer has the smoothness of high end brands but it also knows it has to stay onto the skin to provide that smooth layer.

Next are two powders which intrigued me to the point I forgot I had color products to try out.

Aura Lusion Diamond Powder ($9) - Diamonds are a girl's best friend and this powder in full size almost contains an entire carat of diamonds!  This is the HD powder of the line.  You can see from the picture below it has that slight luminous cast.  That is only because I DIDN'T apply a thin layer.  I purposely wanted you to see the powder.  When applied and buffed lightly, it is undetectable except for the luminous and natural glow and smoothness of the skin.

You don't need to buy that high end HD powder because this one is just as good and easier to buff into the skin.  You can also use this as a powder face primer.  

Impeccable Finish Powder Colorless ($8.75) - This is the nylon -12 powder.  I chose the colorless but there are tinted finishes.  You may know nylon-12 is the ingredient found in many good cosmetic products for that extra smooth finish and slip. 

For those of you who use a fancy brand of powder in a beautiful case, dump it out and fill it with this one!  You can use this before and/or after your makeup.  For some it can work as a powder form of face primer.

The difference between this one and the Aura Lusion is the texture and finish.  I find this one to be a luminous matte finish.  Does that make sense?  The texture is also a bit more fine.  On the skin this one will move with it which is especially good for mature skin.  It doesn't look cakey or dry.  Also for those who have some trouble with eye primers, a thin layer of this over the eyes before eyeshadow really makes a difference!  Check this powder out!



Frosty Morning ($4.85) - This is one of the eyeshadow colors I always envision for many of my tutorials on Into the Palette.  The color isn't as beige as it looks in the picture above nor is it as stark white as the swatches below.  The color is more of a vanilla/beige with glimmers of pink; perfect for warm and cool skin tones.  Not only is it a great eyeshadow color, it makes an all around great highlighter for porcelain to medium skin tones.

Twig ($4.85) - Okay, I have been trying to find a certain brown envisioned in my brain but I just thought it would be imaginary until now!  Twig is a brown with olive/green undertones, sounds close to a khaki color but wait.  If it were just a khaki color, it would turn so dull and tired on my eyes.  This one has that satin glimmer of pink.  Put that all together and this color is perfect for my light olive skin tone (think equivalent to Bobbi Brown Sand as my skin tone).  The brown is a soft taupe, and the olive melts into my skin while the pink lifts it and doesn't make it look dull!  Yes, this is my Holy Grail taupe/light brown orbital ridge color!  I will need to buy more of this one!

In the Shade ($4.85) - This is, at first, looks like the usual bronze color but it isn't.  More complex, it is more of a light warm beige with many different facets of glimmer of peach, pink, and gold.  Perfect everyday eyeshadow color and perfect highlighter for the face for dark skin tones.


Below are pictures of how I wore the three colors. It is a very polished neutral look, nothing over the top nor nothing bland.  Just defined and contoured eyes.

On the Eyes

Many of you may wonder since these are loose shadows, they would be difficult to apply or have trouble adhering to the lid and need some really good eye primer for them to stick and stay.  No need to worry, something about these shadows (the special mix by Kathy) makes these eyeshadows stick easily onto the eyelid.  They apply as easily as pressed eyeshadows!  No need to pat them onto the eyes.  Just sweep them onto the lids. 

The entire line is cruelty free, gluten free, and vegan. There are colors to suit many skin tones and personalities.  If you haven't tried the line and wondered about the difficulty in applying loose powders, don't wonder.  Fusion of Color Cosmetics apply like a dream even and especially on mature skin!  The site does offer international shipping. 

*PR samples*
*Painting credit to Edvard Munch

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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