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2014 Best Ten Beauty Products Chosen by TUBB

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been plagiarized.**PR Samples are indicated.*

This year's top ten picks for TUBB (The Unknown Beauty Blog) had to do more with the impression the products left.  Surprisingly, the ones which received major hype over the net did not make it.  For one, I didn't find the money I spent on those products made them worth it.  Two, the major PR almost gives them a guarantee they will be on everyone else's "top" list.

The products listed below are in no particular order.

1- Skindinavia - The Makeup Primer Spray.  (PR sample) This is the primer you can't feel on your skin and why would you want to feel that extra layer in the first place?  Good for anyone and everyone. 

Skindinavia Primer

2- Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels. Who would have thought that a SFX (special effects) product worked as a great beauty product?  Skip the gel blushes, shadows, and lip products.  Go for the industrial strength, no-nonsense, and reliable glazing gels. 

Glazing Gels

3- ESUM Pro Pinky Puffs.  These are so cute and very useful. They are used to protect any finger marks on the skin when makeup artists apply makeup.  I use them to apply powder in those small places like around the eyes.  Of course, they are great for travel. 

Mini Puffs

4- Skin Illustrator Blue Marble Selr.  I use this one all the time.  It is the ONLY makeup sealer I use because IT WORKS!!!!  Is that convincing enough? 

Blue Marble

5- Stilazzi Cosmetics. (PR Sample) The colors are so clear, the texture works on the young to mature.  And the price of just about $3 for pro quality at drugstore price can't be beat! 

Stilazzi Cosmetics

6- Stilazzi Synthetic Brushes.  (PR Sample) Great quality synthetic brushes.  The actual hair fibers are synthetic and soft.  The entire brush is well made.  All this quality at a price well below those high end cosmetic brands! 

Stilazzi Makeup Brushes

7- DIY Cosmetics Mineral Foundations.  This mineral foundation is the first powder foundation that actually doesn't feel dry on the skin.  It also doesn't make mature skin look more mature than it should!  If you have been hesitant about mineral foundations because of its powdery texture, this one will change your mind!  (This has been discontinued.)

DIY Mineral Foundations

8- Waxelene The Petroleum Jelly Alternative.  (PR sample and I bought more.) Not only is this a great all purpose moisturizer from head to toe.  It works great as a hairstyling product and makeup remover.  What made this more fabulous?  Making loose pigments into pressed ones like the MAC pigments.


9- Fusion of Color Cosmetics.  (PR sample) I like this line because the powders feel good and they stay, especially the eyeshadows.  If you are looking for an all around neutral color for both warm and cool skintones, try the eyeshadow Twig which is my absolute favorite!  I think Kathy needs to put that in a huge container for me! *Hint*

Fusion of Color

10- Cate McNabb Cosmetics.  (PR sample.) Haven't heard of the line?  You will because she is like the Bobbi Brown of mineral makeup.  Totally wearable colors for all skintones.

Cate McNabb

What do you think of my eclectic list of the Top Ten for 2014?  Have you tried any of them?  Have I tempted you into trying them? 

*PR samples indicated.  Links provided for your convenience.  No affiliation.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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