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Spouting Off with Purminerals Pout Pens

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*PR Samples*

Lip stains appear to have made their niche in the lipstick community of cosmetics.  Even though they come in many textures from the usual lipstick to a liquid gel, the easiest ones to use are the marker type pens.  Just recently Purminerals have just released a clan of colors.

When I was in elementary school, there was this girl who had a nice pack of Bic Banana ink crayons.  (As a kid in my time, those were THE crayons to have.)  I remember the girl suddenly had these green lips and the teacher was so appalled by them, she made the girl wash off her lips and sit in the corner!  No, it wasn't me but I can tell you from that day on; I had great admiration towards that girl.  She not only looked different or cool with green lips; she was probably the originator of the FIRST lip stain or ink/lip marker!!!

Okay, so fast forward to the 21st century and no green lips but very wearable versions created by Purminerals.  These Purmineral Pout Pens (lots of p's in this marker which spouts color) retail for $20 each and can be found on their site or at ULTA Beauty stores nationwide.  They come in four colors all named after cocktails: Cosmo, Mai Tai, Fuzzy Navel, and Sangria.  Not to be outdone with their snazzy cocktail names, each one contains vitamin C and natural extracts to condition lips and keep the free radicals away. 

I received 2 of them: Fuzzy Navel - watermelon red; Sangria - wine/fuchsia red.  There is a slight citrus smell to these and upon application the liquid from the marker feels cool onto the lips.  Yes, just like any marker, these just color the lips or stain them.  Don't expect a full coverage or lipstick like coverage from these markers, they apply a stain (think in terms of a wood stain where you still see the grain of the wood).  The stain itself, I will not lie, feels dry on the lips.  To compensate though, there is a lip balm to top it off housed on the opposite end.  That will bring moisture to the lips.

The Swatches

Fuzzy Navel on the left; Sangria on the right

In the swatch above you can see how half of it has been doused with the balm and you also see the balm only gives a sheen to the stain and not much color even though it does have color.

Here they are on my lips.  Fuzzy Navel & Sangria

On the Lips

I admit, I do like these because they are a stain and they do last through a meal even an oily one.  Removal is not easy, I mean it can be removed but it should be done with a makeup remover that removes waterproof makeup.

The Faults

There are downfalls to this product.  For one, it is a marker and like all markers they are saturated with  color when used the first time.  After a couple of times the color isn't as saturated but it still applies a decent lip stain.  Second, it will dry out eventually which is too bad because I love the ease of these markers.  Third, the color fades to a flat finish.  Fourth, this can creep into the fine lines of the lips which is mostly due to the lip balm and not the stain.  The stain alone works great if you can deal with the dry feeling or, top it off with your own gloss.


This is a good product for a lip stain and I do like lip stains.  I find the colors will be wearable in the spring and summer and not to mention easy to apply.  However, the fault really lies within the packaging which eventually will dry out the color and not to mention the cap will nick the balm.

*PR samples*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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