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The Clutter, The Makeup, The Organization, & The Memories

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Sometimes, the internet clutters my brain to the point where I get image overload, especially when it comes to beauty products.  My Pinterest window alone is inundated with images of young women PR-ing to the ends of the internet different brands of makeup with mostly just one look, that of Kim K. 

This is just as bad as a teenage girl who once plastered her bedroom walls and ceiling with Duran Duran posters!!! *whistles and looks towards the sky*

So, why am I showing you my 1980's organization staple -- The Filofax?  Because not only did it organize my cluttered mind, it also held a dear memory for me.

My first Filofax after much use back then turned to shreds due to its roller coaster ride in my purse.  The clasp soon gave way and dumped paper, receipts, change, travel card, etc., into my purse.  But it still organized my life. 

Here I show what I carried to keep my life in order.  You could say it was the 1980’s iPad!  As popularity grew with the Filofax, many brands especially the Japanese started adding pages via accessorizing.  These were considered upgrading the Filofax.

The Filo

You can see my upgrades, a solar calculator and a page which carried all the “panic” essentials; you know the stuff you need right when you don’t have it.

The Gadget Page

Check out all the cool tools it housed!

The Unnecessary Tools

However, the best thing this Filofax carried was an important memory for me.  One which I can, feel to this day.  It had to do with a page from American Vogue.

I remember the day I bought this thick issue of Vogue as an import version due to me living in London.  You could say I was a bit homesick and this Vogue made it worse.  As I flicked through the pages, I noticed the simple yet sporty look of a designer named David Cameron. I know you are thinking, “What, the British Prime Minister was a fashion designer?”  Noooo!  This was a different David Cameron.  To this day whenever I hear about the British PM, I immediately think of the fashion designer!

My days in London were of naiveté and ego.  I hung around the fashionistas and talked fashionista.  This allowed me to be someone I wasn’t and maybe, this was part of the reason why I tore out the page from Vogue.

The Memory

David Cameron’s clothing represented the ease of glamour and beauty.  The casual mixed with free-flow tailoring.  The clothing could be dressed up with heels or dressed down with a pair of sneakers, whichever way it was worn; the person wearing it would always be themselves.

Months after this article appeared and to my surprise, Harvey Nichols at Knightsbridge, actually carried his collection.  I touched the clothing and gazed at the many outfits.  I only could dream for I couldn’t afford any of it.  It left a heavy weight in my heart which I couldn’t understand.

I kept mentioning to my boss about the line to the point it probably bugged him.  He exclaimed: "Who the bloody hell is David Cameron and why do you praise his clothing line so much?"

A week after I stopped mentioning his name, my boss blurted, "I stopped by Harvey Nicks and checked out your David Cameron, " I looked at him unemotionally to hide my fear, "nice collection." Yes!

After that day, my feelings towards fashion and towards myself changed.  You could say I was growing up and learning who I wanted to be which was not some snobby fashionista.  As for David Cameron's clothing line, sadly it never took off.  However, he does have a successful career in photography and video (I believe).  He did direct a music video for Vanessa Williams way back.

So, to this day, I carry the page of David Cameron's clothing debut from Vogue because it has recorded the memories of a much simpler and beautiful time, one without the internet.  By the way, notice the natural makeup looks in the picture.

Do you have any memories that have nothing to do with the internet?



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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