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Are Cosmetic Brands Really Creating Their Own Identity?

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I began to question this lately after I was channel surfing and my friend stopped me on some daytime show aimed at the 20 year old and younger.  I asked him why he wanted to watch the show, he just mentioned, "they all look the same!" And he was right, even the audience members from the way they curled their hair to the application makeup, all looked like the hosts of the show.  (Good lighting will make everyone look good!)  They looked like they have been manufactured by the same cosmetic company!

I know for a young woman, it is important to feel like they are part of a crowd; to be accepted.  I felt that way but the only difference was I had NO INTERNET.  I dealt with the 3D real world in front of me.

I also had no clue on how to apply makeup because every beauty magazine I read catered to the ideal Caucasian face.  This even made me more insecure because cosmetic brands conveyed to me, my ethnic background wasn't part of their beauty spectrum.  Yes, I cried many nights, yet what evolved was experimenting with makeup to make "ME" look beautiful.  I can't say I was successful but I did receive many compliments for my smoky eyes (which were the only eye look I could do on my type of eye shape at that time).

Brands and Identity

I did not look like everyone else back then, nor did anyone else who loved makeup as much as me.  We all had an individual identity and the brands also helped to enforce this.

Estee Lauder told me once I became a successful working woman, I could afford their products and be one sophisticated woman.

Christian Dior showed me makeup could be art and very expressively French! How I loved the advertisements Tyen did for Dior.

Shiseido, well even though it was a Japanese line, I didn't quite understand how it would suit my boring and normal young life, but I loved the makeup by Serge Lutens.  (I actually liked their Inoui line way back which was only found in Japan back then, more experimental and sophisticated.)

I could go on and on with the different brands because I remember each one vividly through their individual impact on the young women who loved makeup.

The Brands Today 

There are so many brands, more than what I identified myself with.  YET, I can't distinguish one brand from the other lately.  Maybe, I am getting old and my brain isn't functioning as sharply; or these brands are doing what is detrimental to their image, inundating us with images from all the social media sites with generally the same look.  The only difference is they are different young women!
When the tweens and teens become young working women, will they be able to distinguish the uniqueness of the cosmetic brand?  After all, isn't advertising all about catching them young and making them remember the brand as they grow old.  (For people of my generation, you know who those cigarette commercials were aimed at!)  And, will the brand be mature skin friendly as the now-youthful group becomes old?  Will the brands change with the tide or still strive for the generation who only have an allowance?

My Identity

As for me, I have flaws.  I have discoloration on my cheeks only which dermatologist would name it some fancy awful name so I can feel insecure about my adult self.  I have thought about lasering my skin but do not feel the need.  I grew up with the "freckles" from my wee days as a lass and to lose them would be like losing a big part of my identity.  I don't care if people see them as ugly or as a flaw, I see them as what makes me different from everyone else.  Isn't that what beauty is really all about, accepting what you only have?

P.S. If you are wondering about the pictures, let's just say it is a cosmetic artful interpretation.  Tell me what you think!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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