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The Artistic Beauty of Overall Beauty Mineral Eyeshadows & Coupon Code

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen*
*PR samples*
Coupon codes extended to June 2nd!! 

Stay tuned for a coupon code at the end of this post!  Mass market brands tend to stick to what they believe works for the masses; the colors can become just a flat and bland collection seen in practically every other line.  This is where independent lines like Overall Beauty Mineral Makeup fill the niche of in-between colors.

I like independent brands because you can see the creativity in every color made.  They are made from someone's imagination and without restrictions!  Overall Beauty Minerals comes from the imaginative and creative mind of Kim Snyder.

Overall Beauty Mineral Eyeshadows

This line consists eyeshadows and blushes and expanding into other cosmetic formulations like makeup primer and mineral foundations.

  • Samples of eyeshadow and blushes are 1/4 teaspoon which are an ample amount to really test them out.  They cost $2.
  • Eyeshadows for a full 5g size are $6.95.
  • Blush for 5g are $7.99 and 10g are $11.99.
Kim also sells sets which I would suggest buying because I really had a hard time choosing the array of very wearable colors and not to mention the great collection of brown eyeshadows.  Someday, Kim should sell the entire brown collection in a set like a box of chocolates!


The colors I chose were Angel Kisses, Zoo Keeper, Icelandic Poppy, Metal Rose, Gray Sapphire, Cafe Shimmer, and Rag Doll.

All the colors are vegan.  They are cruelty-free and gluten-free.  They are also free from excess fillers.  They do contain kaolin clay which actually aids in adhesion especially if you have oily lids; the clay will soak up the excess oil instead of the color.  The choice to use an eyeshadow primer is yours.  For picture purposes, I did use an eyeshadow primer.

The colors and swatches below are slightly blurry because I wanted you to see the dimensional characteristics of them.

Zoo Keeper & Metal Rose

Left - Zoo Keeper; Right - Metal Rose

Eyeshadows: Zoo Keeper, Metal Rose, Angel Kisses

Zoo Keeper is a neutral matte medium dark brown.  This is a staple color.  The color never looks flat or dry.  Goes with every other color from neutrals to wild.  This is a brown that will never steer you wrong when it comes to a good eye-defining color.

Metal Rose brings out the rocker chic in me!  I love how the metallic rose interacts with the multidimensional shimmer all the while sitting against a soft matte black background.  Totally rock-worthy! \m/

Icelandic Poppy drew me in from the beginning, even though I tried to ignore it many times as I chose my other colors; I always returned to this shimmery cream color.  It really isn't completely a true cream, it has a soft orange reflection in a shimmery vanilla base.  The eyeshadow actually makes my mouth water because an orange creamsicle comes to mind!

Angel Kisses is another staple color; a true matte neutral beige to work with ANY color.  Use it as a soft highlighter anywhere on the face or use it as a natural looking brow bone highlighter.  This is one color which will draw you in because it is a neutral must-have.

Icelandic Poppy, Angel Kisses, Cafe Shimmer, Gray Sapphire, Ragdoll

Left -Icelandic Poppy; Right-Angel Kisses

Left - Cafe Shimmer; Center - Gray Sapphire; Right - Ragdoll

Edited to Add: Cafe shimmer is now available on both websites: Etsy and Overall Beauty.

Cafe Shimmer is a NEW color and I don't see it on either of Kim's websites yet.  I hope this color will be up soon because I think you will be clamoring for this one!  If you ever wanted a wearable shimmer brown but with that bit of amped up character of color, then this is the one!  There is a multi-spectrum shimmer in this one as you can see, yet it is neutral and just an everyday wearable that you will wish you had a giant jar of this because you will not want to run out!  Scream to Kim to get this one onto her website because your order will not be complete without it!

On the Eyes

Left: Gray Sapphire, Zoo Keeper, Angel Kisses. Center:Rag Doll, Zoo Keeper, Angel Kisses. Right:Rag Doll, Zoo Keeper, Angel Kisses

Gray Sapphire is soft blue sitting in a shimmery violet- gray background.  Never screaming too much color or whispering too softly; it is truly a wearable everyday color for those who are looking for a gray/blue/violet eyeshadow.

Rag Doll is what I see as the twisted reflection of Gray Sapphire.  The charcoal violet is more pronounced and matte yet there are bits of blue seeping through.

If you like grays or blues, these are the ones for you. 

In the beginning of the post I mentioned a coupon code.  Well, you have two choices to shop at for Kim's Overall Beauty Minerals.

For her Etsy Overall Beauty Store with the code OJ2015 you get 11% off your order.

For the Overall Beauty website, 2015OJ , you will receive $5 off $20.

The difference between the sites are mainly the products being sold, Etsy has mostly the mineral products and the Overall site has a bit more like nail polish and other accessories. Check them both out.  Both codes are good until June 2nd, 2015.  Both sites do offer international shipping.

So, what do I think about these independent colors of creativity of Overall Beauty?  Let's see, they are very wearable for anyone of any age.  The colors have personality and are wearable in any environment.  The kaolin clay aids in the adhesion and in keeping the clarity of the color on the eyes.  And, the line has a great variety of brown or neutral eyeshadows which will keep you indecisive for hours!  Also, let's not forget the exclusive coupon codes!!!



*PR Samples*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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