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If Only These Makeup Palettes Existed - Fleetwood Mac & RUSH

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

With all the makeup palettes just looking alike today, I just thought palettes inspired by album covers would be a nice switch; something different in terms of makeup perspective.  I chose two albums which influenced me the most in my teenage years.  They were Fleetwood Mac Rumours and RUSH Moving Pictures.

The Palettes

I remember in my youth, I would spend hours gazing at album covers; reading every little snippet printed on them.  Sometimes, there would be little engravings on the records themselves in between the last track and the label.  Those were the days when music could be held in the hands. 

Fleetwood Mac - Stevie Nicks Palette

pic of Stevie from In Your Dreams blog

Fleetwood Mac is one group I could listen too all the time. I had a girl-crush on Stevie Nicks and had a crush on Lindsey Buckingham. I loved Stevie's style from her hair (which I did copy) to her clothes, and her makeup. This was a time when makeup made everyone look like an individual, everyone had their own style and Stevie's was carefree.

The Colors

The Fleetwood Mac Palette will either give you a soft rock 'n roll natural girl look or a polished yet not overpowering dressed up rocker for the evening.

For the eyes a pearl peach/ivory, shimmer soft terracotta, a luminous pink sand beige, a muted frosted milky peach/brown, satin golden almond, and dark satin brown.  The cheeks and lips will provide the end look by the color chosen: warm for natural and relaxed or cool for dressed up.  For cheeks a mango bronze and raspberry wine (applied with a light hand).  For lips a soft wine red and a soft golden bronze. The entire color palette will always give a complete and balanced look without any of the harsh contrast seen today.  Stevie never looked overpowered by her makeup and the makeup never overpowered the person back then.

Face Chart

RUSH Moving Pictures is the second palette.  Yes, I know RUSH are three men and makeup is far from their agenda.  However, when I listen to them, I see colors which bring out a different makeup personality than Fleetwood Mac.

The album, Moving Pictures, has a cover of people moving pictures.  Nothing deep yet like a fortune cookie, it is the message or in this case the music inside which is important!  I love the streamlined sound of the guitars played by Alex Lifeson and the perfectly rocking militaristic drumbeats of Neil Peart contrasting against Geddy Lee's voice.  The mood and lyrics of the music and the persona of the group just made it cool to be different from everyone without feeling ostracized.

Rush - Moving Pictures

For the makeup palette, I chose colors colors which appear to contrast yet they mix and mingle very harmoniously.

The Colors

For eyeshadows, the colors are darker and smokier yet there is color to counteract the usual monochrome smoked look, if desired.  Some of the eyeshadow colors are a soft mingled mix of color.  The colors are the following: soft satin lavender white, shimmer pure purple, mingled mix of matte blue/mateblack/satin burgundy, mixed flames of shimmer, basic satin brown, and a silver/gold weaved in matte black.   Cheeks are muted for this palette in colors of soft milky pink/rose and soft shimmery golden dark peach.  On the lips the color can be a bright sheer orange coral or a brooding darkened cool-toned red.

The Face Chart

 All the colors don't have to be used at once as you see in the face charts.  The palettes are used to enhance the personality of each person and not to provide a mask which is what the music of the past reminds me of.

What do you think the next palettes should be?

Other Palettes?

Maybe, a Breaking Bad makeup palette?  Or how about a Sons of Anarchy?

What would influence you to create your dream palette?

Hope you found this post fun!  I do wish these palettes were available.  Unfortunately, they are only available in a parallel universe or the village of my mind!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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