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The Everlasting Powder Puff - Forever Puff

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I have been using this Forever Puff ever since I hauled the Stilazzi stuff from the Frends sale.  You could say I am a bit obsessed with powder puffs because they are the easiest beauty tool to use.  Some are made only for powder and I like to break the rules and use them for creams and liquids but they get become messy too easily.  But, not this one.

Forever & Ever Puffy Puff

The Forever Puff comes in various shapes and sizes to accommodate various parts of the face and even body.  The line even has finger protectors for makeup artists when they apply makeup onto faces.  (I might get these next and use them instead as makeup applicators!) 

The Measurements

I bought this Forever Puff Trio for $13 at Frends Beauty.  It's called the Trio because of its 3 angular shapes: the rounded top; the straight edge side, and the pointed tip.  The versatility in this shape allows for makeup application onto the various planes and curves on the face.

The Point

The pointed end makes for easy application around the nose area and inner corners of the eyes.  And the straight edge does its job by applying around the outer corners of the eyes.

The Lines & Curves

As I mentioned, I like to use puffs for many types of makeup textures from powders to creams.  However, some puffs are made to apply a soft layer of powder.  This Forever Puff isn't as soft as my Esum Puffs, but they aren't made to be used with liquids either.

Use With Liquid Foundation

I was actually very surprised at how well Forever Puff applied liquid foundation.  It applies so smoothly with a slight stippling action but nothing that would make the hand tire out.  The smoothness compared to the regular sponge didn't compare.  I guess the fabric allows the liquid to disperse more evenly than a regular sponge.

Forever Puff can be used like a regular powder puff or for mineral makeup.

Use With Powder

The picture above shows the results from using just a brush, the Forever Puff, and a regular powder puff.  The brush provides a sheer finish.  Forever Puff provides and opaque finish while a regular powder really has to press the powder into the skin for a smooth application. (This is the main reason why many puffs are made with a very soft fabric.)

Forever Puff is washable and durable.  Just throw the puff in the washing machine to clean.  In fact, it is better to throw it into the washing machine first before using because the fabric is a bit stiff. 

I definitely need more than one of these because makeup application can be faster with the fingers than with a brush sometimes.  Easy to clean, great for many types of cosmetics, long-lasting and durable.

Have you tried this everlasting powder puff?



*I bought this.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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