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*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

This post has to do with a few notices I have to mention.  Yes, it is about beauty and it won't bore you, or at least I hope it won't.

First thing is first, Overall Beauty Minerals has extended their sale until tomorrow because of a glitch in the system.  If you are still contemplating over Café Shimmer, contemplate no more and GET IT!!!

Overall Beauty Minerals
Receive $5 off your $20 order with coupon code: 2015OJ

Etsy Overall Beauty Minerals
Receive 11% off your order with coupon code: OJ2015

Good until June 2nd, 2015.

Second topic, it has to do with someone named Ken Ogilvy.  I have to thank him for posting this comment on Wayne Goss's Facebook depotting timeline.  It just gives me justification to what had been done and to know that blogging is worth the effort.

I also would like to thank everyone else who has posted the depotting without heat posts on reddit, pinterest, google+, and their blogs.  Don't think, for one minute, your mentions are going unnoticed.  I notice when I google search or when they end up on my stats.  I appreciate you all very much!  We all know where the truth lies! *cues in X-files music*

Third, I am testing out a new foundation by Westmore Beauty.  With the luck of the draw, I got myself a sample.

If you aren't familiar with McKenzie Westmore, or even the Westmore legacy, then you really don't know Hollywood makeup history. If it weren't for George Westmore emigrating from England, pretty much the Star Trek franchise would have gone where no man would probably want to go in terms of those great Klingons! Or better yet, Herman Munster wouldn't be so cute!  (I think you can figure out the legacy with these clues.)

There are a few Westmores still carrying on with the craft like Kandace and Kevin Westmore.  Come to think of it, I am having this bizarre vision of Kandace on HSN (Yes, the shopping channel.) with her father who was promoting some makeup line way back when but not too long back.  I have to find out if this was a figment of my imagination or one of those rare moments when a shopping channel actually captured my attention.

As for the foundation, let me just say -- no, you have to wait!!!

Fourth, some of you may have wondered how well the bleach and color worked out on Olivia Sr.  You wanted to see more of her hair.  Here is the top of her head.  (She is internet shy like me.)  As I mentioned, she skipped the "N" series and went straight for the pure color. 

Fifth, the Definitive Haircolor Guide is becoming pretty popular in terms of its posts, more so than the eye anatomy posts.  I just hope those guides help the consumer understand hair color.  Those posts are aimed at everyday people, yet the everyday person will dare themselves to try something different with a formula.  Let me just say this, you can experiment with color in terms of mixing the pigments of the same formula family, but don't go mixing something that isn't supposed to be mixed with anything else.  Instructions are really important when coloring hair and they are written for a reason.  No, your hair won't fall out, but you might waste precious time or even money to correct a mess which really had to do with your own, I hate to say this -- stupidity!  Harsh, I know but this is where most of the mess starts.

And, if you think I am perfect when it comes to hair color, count me out, I am part of the stupidity crowd too!  By the way, if there are any other hair color topics you would like explained, please, let me know.  Maybe, you will wake up the deep crevices of my brain!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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