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The Bullets are Flying with Ellis Faas

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*I bought this.*

I held off a long time trying this line because of the major PR when it started.  Believe me, like any consumer I can be easily duped into buying a cosmetic product but this time I really held off because too much of something means less of what I really want.  Did that make sense?

Ellis Faas creates colors which are based on human undertones like bruises, blood, and freckles.  When I heard this, all I could think about was one of my first pro makeup line purchases from way back, Ben Nye Burns & Blister Wheel (loved that product for the versatility).  Also, it reminded me of Leonard Engelman and his philosophy on makeup based on undertones.

Ellis Faas

Anyway, Ellis Faas products are packaged in bullet shaped click pens; other accessories go with this concept like clips and holders.  Clever and beautiful but sometimes packaging alone will not aid in the application of the products.

Ellis Faas Trio

In all honesty I bought this as a set from B-Glowing and it was on sale for $22.50 (sold out now) instead of the regular $90 for all three.  Would I have bought the set for the regular price? No.  I only needed the Taupe (E107) which on its own retails for $36 which is why I bought the set instead.

The set includes a Milky Lips ($35) in blood red (L201) with just a slight coolness to it; a black Ellis Mascara ($34); and what I really wanted, the Creamy Eyes ($36) in taupe (E107).

Ellis Faas Products

Milky Lips

As pretty as this color is, I just didn't like the texture of this.  I can't get a good smooth application without having to blot each layer which I didn't in the picture so you can see the full effect.


The cream is smooth yet it never really "dries" or sticks onto the lips unless you apply a very thin or stain-like layer.  You can't apply it like any regular lipstick or you will just have a mess of cream red on your lips.  The color tends to streak, if you don't blot; transfers easily.  Again, pretty color but I can get the same from a pro line  for 1/3 rd of the price and with better staying power.

Ellis Mascara

For the price of $34, I really expected more from this.  For its price I expected a really smooth and luscious formula but instead I found one that is really no different from many of the drugstore mascaras I have tried.  The wand is really long compared to other brands which made it a bit hard to control for me.  I feel better with a short wand so I can have my hand close to my lashes and get to the root of them.  By the way, this mascara is made in China!  I, at least, expected some bourgeois country to manufacture this because of the price.


Creamy Eyes

This is the main reason why I bought this set.  After Aldona mentioned she used Ellis Faas cream eyeshadows, I figured it was time to try and the price of $22.50 was perfect.

Cream Eyeshadow

The color is a warm taupe.  I would have preferred more of a gray tone to it to mimic a shadow or contour tone for skin.  I always mention a good matte taupe is always needed for easy eyeshadow application.


I use the taupe to define the eye area.  The pictures show how it shapes the eye with the addition of eyeshadow.

The texture is creamy smooth and one of the best cream eyeshadows I have tried.  HOWEVER, the packaging is what makes this fail totally for me!

You may think the modernistic bullet shape click pen would make this the darling of makeup but it doesn't.  Maybe, it looks chic when a makeup artist uses it but for the average consumer who doesn't apply makeup like the editorial adverts; the product is wasted.

I don't have time in the morning when I am half-awake to concentrate on carefully clicking the pen for the most minimal or least wasteful amount to come out from the brush.  One major click and I can color 1/4th of my face.  Yeah, I am not going for an editorial arty-farty makeup look, I just want to apply a bit on my eyes, that's all!  Yes, I ended up relocating the cream eyeshadow into an empty MAC paint pot container.

I am sure many of you know how much product is in that container.  Now, look at how much Ellis Faas cream eyeshadow you get.  It just has about 1/4th the amount of a paint pot!

The Packaging

So, what do I think about the Ellis Faas line?  Well, if I were gifted the Ellis Faas stuff, especially the Creamy Eyes, I would appreciate that person so much for thinking of me.  Would I buy more?  NO!  I find, even though the cream eyeshadows are really smooth and pigmented, the price and the container just doesn't justify me spending $36 for it.  If the product were packaged like Chanel Illusion D'Ombre, then I would gladly purchase it and for that price.  That container is much easier to use and no waste.

What I really don't get about this line is the makeup artistry factor or image.  If this product is aimed at those artists, why isn't there a pro-packaging of the cream eyeshadow, for example a simple clear squeeze tube?  I would buy that more than this fancy concept of bullets.

Yes, I shot myself in the foot when I bought this set!

*I bought these.*



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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