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Leave the Cleansers Behind - BSL Natural Makeup Cloth

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
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BSL Makeup Cloth ($20) is one of those cloths claiming to remove a full face of makeup with just good old H2O.  I am a skeptic when it comes to these makeup removing cloths (yet, I do believe in ghosts.  Go figure!).  For $20 you receive a 3-pack of cloths.  I find that nice since I always need more than one cleansing cloth anyway.

BSL Natural Makeup Cloth

The size of one cloth is approximately 8" x 8".  The finish of these cloths are smooth and not that long pile type you see in other makeup cloths.

The Texture

One cloth can easily be held in the hand.  The cloth is a lightweight microfiber woven finely and tightly with wedge-shaped filaments.  This will allow with the action of water to lift the oils and dirt off the face.  This is even useful for men as an exfoliating cloth.

I saturated the cloth with warm water, make sure to wring out the excess, you don't want it dripping. 

In the area of makeup removal, I allowed the cloth to rest on my skin until I felt it wet enough for the cloth to remove the makeup.  This was especially important around the eye area since I did not want to do any excess tugging and pulling.

Here is all the eye makeup I wore before the removal.


Here is what came off, it really removed the rest of the makeup from my face.


And here are my eyes cleansed only from that cloth.  You can see just traces of the mascara around my eyes.  The BSL Makeup Cloth really removes makeup with just water!

Cleansing with just water for me is not 100% comfortable.  Even though the cloth did remove my makeup.  I felt it didn't remove the residue of what makes all the makeup, for example the acrylates and polymer feeling from cosmetics.  I also wish it were a bit bigger to just allow my face and neck to be covered by it.  This being said, I do like the minimal effort when I do use a cleanser.

Also, you know when you have those times when you just goof up your makeup in one area but don't want to ruing the rest by applying the makeup remover or cleanser.  This is the cloth to use for those spot cleanings or spot do-overs.

Cleaning the cloth is easy.  I just use a dollop of simple soap like Dr. Bronner's soap and just rub and rinse, comes out clean.  (For a deep cleaning of the cloth, I just throw it in the wash and remove just before I put the rest of the laundry into the dryer, allowing it to dry flat and naturally.)

Rinse Clean

I know there are others out there which cleanse the face with water only.  I can't really compare this one to those because I haven't tried them, but I can say this one is nice for the price.  You do get three for $20, convenient considering you can keep one in your purse or gym bag.  The cloths are so lightweight compared a regular washcloth, traveling with this would be easy.  Don't think of this as just a makeup remover cloth, think of it as an oil or complexion enhancing cloth because on those hot summer days when you can't wash your face but just want to remove the sweat with simple water, this is the cloth to use.

Just push the button to shop!

BSL Natural Cloth

*PR sample*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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