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Beating the Heat with My Summer Beauty Essentials

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen*

When it comes to summer, I like to apply a minimal amount of makeup on my face.  I also want my makeup to withstand the heat.  What I don’t want is to look like I have a thick layer of makeup on.  There is nothing worse than seeing someone wear heavy makeup in the middle of summer, I just feel like they are going to melt.  Besides, wearing all that makeup is like wearing a winter coat in the middle of summer, and who wants to do that?  This being said, these are my summer essentials for this year.

Summer Essentials

My first set of essentials are powders.  Three of them are eyeshadows which I use in rotation.  The two colors from indie brands are my favorite browns.

The Stars of Summer

Swatches from left to right: Vincent Longo, my luminescent powder, F*cked Up Brown, Overall Beauty, Fusion of Color Cosmetics.

Top left - Fusion of color Cosmetics in Twig ($4.85) - This is a light neutral brown that isn't the usual brown, has a beautiful olive/pink tinge to it.  Yes, pink and olive, a combo which is very rare.  Neutral and just so easy to wear even all year round.

Top right - F*cked Up Brown - This is my own mix after messing up many colors in my lab. Remember, my pigpen?Well, it turned into a major pigsty!  I had a mess of color all over and just decided to throw the leftovers in one bag, thus the name!

Bottom left - Overall Beauty Minerals Eyeshadow in Café Shimmer ($6.95) - This is another all-around brown.  Goes with anything and everything.  Just can't go wrong with this color.

Bottom right - Luminescent powder/Face Powder - Again, this is from my pigpen of DIY pigments.  I made my own lightweight highlighting/face powder.  If I use it without buffing, it acts as a highlight but nothing super shimmery.  If I buff it into my skin, it gives a slight luminosity but mostly looks like my own skin.

My favorite blush - Vincent Longo Dew Drop Blush in Hearts Desire ($30) This is one of the best blushes.  Smooth and never looks powdery.  Neutral enough to wear in the summer heat yet has enough color to wear during the winter months.  Notice the puff at the side.  I don't use a fancy blush brush to apply it, I just use my ESUM Mini Puff. Applying it with a puff ensures an even application of color by allowing a smooth finish onto the skin.

Next, are some of the unusual essentials for summer.  I love Skin Illustrator stuff.  Well, the stuff that can be used for everyday life on a regular makeup consumer.

The Unconventional Summer Essentials

Swatches from left to right: Westmore Beauty - one side topped off with my luminescent powder the other on its own; Skin Illustrator Glazing Gel in Character 2; Skin Illustrator Glazing Gel in Sable.

Upper left - Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels ($16.50) - I love these because it gives skin that color which looks so natural that no one will know it is there.  It is truly a high quality product and really is probably unknown in the beauty community.  Remember, you heard it from me, Olivia, these make excellent long-lasting eyeshadows!

Center - Westmore Beauty Coverage Perfector ($32) - This, not only is my favorite liquid foundation, it is the ONLY liquid foundation I ever liked!!!  I can't explain all the goodness in this bottle, so if you haven't read my review, go read it NOW!

Far right - Blue Marble Selr ($14 & $22) - I don't care how much hype a makeup sealant from a cosmetic brand gets, I just don't listen!  One of the only true makeup sealants that really work is aimed at the movie and television makeup artists.  Truly sweat and heat resistant and truly the best makeup sealants around, just ignore the cosmetic brands and go for this one.  Of course, if you want to "donate" to the cosmetic brands' hype, then be my guest.  Me, I can't stray from this makeup sealant!

Bottom left - Ofra Fixline Eyeliner Gel in Black ($17)- Honestly, this is my only black gel liner at the moment.  I usually have a bunch but they just turned rancid.  I can't say this is the best, but it does the job and doesn't flake in the summer heat.

The Rest of My Summer Essentials

For the brows and lips, I keep it simple.  I just don't have the urge to take my time in these areas in the summer.

Top - Senna Sketch-A-Brow Pencil in Dark Taupe ($18) - With a fine tip and the perfect hardness to make brows look natural, this is the brow pencil to use in the summer.  Quick, easy, and natural looking!

Bottom - Rozgé Lip Gloss in Paris ($25) - Not really a lip gloss, yet not really a pure lipstick, just a comfortable lip product to wear during the summer months.  Smooth, creamy, and refreshing.  The color never looks over done in the daytime yet at night layer for more of a saturation.

These are my summer essentials.  I know they aren't the usual but I don't go for the usual.  What do you think?  Have you tried them?  What are your summer essentials?



*some were pr samples, some were bought by me*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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