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Sunburnt Saturday & a TV Makeup Moment

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

This is just a post of various little things going on in my little world called life.  It won’t become a regular posting because Aldona probably can’t be as sunburned each week as I like her to be.

You may have noticed my posts have become sporadic.  This has been due to three main things: summer heat, makeup numbness, and being true.

The summer heat is really getting to me, I mean face it, I don’t know how people can put on a full and thick face of makeup in this heat unless it is required in their job like in acting or walking the red carpet.  I do neither.  Just raising a brush to my eyes makes me think of heat.  I know, I have air conditioning but really beauty isn’t all about makeup.  It is about staying sane in the heat!

Makeup numbness is another reason why I don’t have much to blog.  In Beauty Reflections recent post “I Think I’ve Lost My Makeup Mojo,” I pretty much feel the same as what Tracy has written.  I have become numb to the hype of many makeup brands.  Maybe, it is because I am old and realize I don’t need all the new makeup.  In my youth, back in the 1980’s I don’t even remember anyone ever hoarding so much makeup!  I admit I had more than the average teen but never as obsessed as many are today.  Believe me the most beautiful makeup is one’s own self-confidence!

Being true and continuing to beauty blog is hard especially when everyone wants to see reviews on the latest brands and collections.  I think after the Visual Guide to RCMA post, I realized my true makeup love lies within the pro brands first, then the consumer brands. 

The True Cost

Pic from IMDB

In other news, I just watched a fascinating documentary by Andrew Morgan called The True Cost.  It is about the fashion industry, particularly the “fast fashion” industry which in my youth was very small niche.  Now, it has become a global trend.  It is the untold side of fashion and its environmental and psychological impact. Did you know fashion is the second most polluting industry with oil being the first?  Also, as people have found the prices drop in fashion, more buying doesn’t lead to personal happiness.

As I watched this documentary, I realized it isn’t just about fashion, it is about life.  We as consumers have to really take time and think for ourselves instead of the advertisements doing it for us.  Check it out on Netflix or rent it on Amazon or get it on iTunes.  Not only will you feel different about what you buy, you will wonder if you can really prevent the domino effect of this fashion industry.

DIY Cosmetics

If you haven’t read my raves about the DIY mineral makeup here, then you better read them because the foundations are on sale for 50% off!!!! In fact, many of the pre-mixed products are and will likely be discontinued.  What a shame since the mineral foundations were one of the most mature-skin friendly powders.  The discount price will show up when you put them into your cart.  There are more products for 50% off so check it out!

Makeup Television Moment

Yes, this another makeup moment in television particularly The Mindy Project which I recently started to watch thanks to Hulu.  I can rarely catch shows when they are really on so Hulu is my television saving grace.  The Mindy Project will continue exclusively on Hulu which is great and it will have 26 episodes instead of the usual 22 or 24.  For those who watch this show did you ever notice the following:

  • Mindy is the hopeless romantic while Danny Castellano is the cynical one.
  • Morgan is the unrefined version of Jeremy.
  • Beverly just keeps everyone’s view real (By the way, Beth Grant is one of my faves. I loved her in Rockstar and No Country for Old Men)
Anyway, I did find this lash curling moment in season 1 episode 14 called "Harry & Mindy".  I think Danny Castellano has been around many women because the lash curling doesn't phase him a bit.

copyright of NBCUniversal

Hopefully, I will have more to write about as the weather becomes cooler or maybe I will have nothing and just blabber on about nothing.  Although, I do have a lot to say about many things but I think it would become a bit boring or more for a roundtable discussion.  Until my next posting, keep cool!



**Special Thanks to Aldona for her sunburnt pix!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!

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