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Makeup Wishes - Practical Dreams

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

A few weeks ago someone asked me why I didn’t come out with my own makeup line.  Well, for one I don’t have the money and another I just can’t slap a name onto pre-made cosmetics.  But the biggest reason, IT WOULD FAIL!!!

The Palettes

Why would it fail? I couldn’t sell you the fantasy other lines sell you.  I can’t sell you wishes or dreams.  I can’t sell you the FEAR of not having the fantasy because I don’t want people to think beauty is a lack of an image.

The Fab 1

Beauty to me is a very concrete product which everyone has.  I am not talking about slapping on some skin care and color to feel good; I am talking about the inner beauty which grows in every person.  With that inner beauty, I love when makeup can enhance it just enough to allow the person to just beam out their energy with pure beautiful confidence. 

The Fab 2

Let me give you an example.  My grandmother lost everything in the war in Japan, by everything I mean her house, her husband, and all the materialistic possessions which defined her.  She was left with 7 kids and one on the way to care for and very little money.  From the stories I have heard many times over from Olivia Sr., who also has vivid memories of this tragedy in history, my grandmother lived day by day to support the family she had.  To make a long story short, it was not an easy life nor what people will say as beautiful.  IT WAS HARD!  So what does this have to do with beauty?

The Fab 3

Well, a couple of years before my grandmother died, my mother gave her a lipstick.  It wasn’t an expensive lipstick, it was a Max Factor wine red lipstick.  You see, Max Factor was the first brand my mother actually got a makeover from (many years after the war).  Giving that Max Factor lipstick in a sense symbolized to me that my grandmother finally had a chance to live and breathe without fear.  What made the lipstick more worthwhile was that split second moment when she colored her lips with that waxy stick.  Her entire aura lit up like a Christmas tree.

The Fab 4

I witnessed the best memory of makeup; no matter how much heartache and trouble one has in life, if the person has hope and survives, the soul allows everything to grow into real beauty while makeup will enhance it, not cover it up or change you into an image which you are not.  I was mesmerized how these little pigments could interact with skin pigments to create such a happy memory for me and give my grandmother her moment of beauty!

You could say my obsession with color started there and became more important for me to understand what beauty actually consisted of!

The Fab 5

So, why would my makeup line fail?  It wouldn’t sell you glamour.  It wouldn’t make you feel insecure.  It would just enhance and beautify what you already have without masking your inner beauty, survival, and hope!  I wouldn’t be selling an image because you all have your OWN UNIQUE image.

The Fab 6

The line would also fail because it wouldn’t profit from all the other makeup products which are “must-haves” in lines.  Eyeshadows alone would be downsized and made to apply on mature lids without the help of so much prep work.  Technology today allows eyeshadows to work without layering so much stuff.  I mean, face it, when one gets older, piling up that stuff really emphasizes the wrinkles!  Makeup should be a time saver and easy.  It should be about using simple tools.  It should be about allowing anyone whether they have dexterity in their fingers or not the chance to just have fun and enhance their own beauty.  It isn’t about the latest brushes or gadgets.  My grandmother, if she were alive, would be complaining about the complexity and just the massive amount products used just to apply a simple color onto the face.

The Awesome Palette

Yes, my line would fail because it would be made for the consumer and not the makeup artist.  It would fail because I would want you to read the fun in a comic strip and laugh.  It would fail because I am not some great and popular beauty blogger or beauty guru with followers and hits hitting the roof.  It would fail because in this day and age a materialistic and fantasy approach sells.  I can’t do that because inner beauty is built on what has occurred in life without the materialistic definitions and it certainly doesn't survive on fantasy.  Beauty is unique in each individual and that is what makes us all great!  Something, I hope to see someday in all of you in person!

Thank you for allowing me to indulge in, ironically, my fantasy or makeup wish.  Yes, it would start with The Fab Four Plus More palette!



*Special thanks to Aldona for the comic strip The Deluders.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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