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The HD Powder Everyone Needs - Fusion of Color Brite Eyes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Aldona mentioned to me many times the greatness of Brite Eyes from Fusion of Color Cosmetics.  In many of her pictures she uses this product.  I tried to ignore the constant raves until I had a dream.

I dreamed Aldona emailing me to tell how great Brite Eyes worked.  I tried to answer her back but my muscle coordination wouldn't allow me to type quickly.  Impatient and frustrated, she appeared right in front of me as I tried to type on my computer.  "You need Brite Eyes!"

I woke up and the words were still ringing clearly in my brain!  I ordered one for myself and for Olivia Sr.

Check out my review of Fusion of Color Cosmetics.

The Powder

Brite Eyes ($14, $25) is the creation of Kathy Duncan of Fusion of Color Cosmetics.  If you think this is just another HD powder, then you have been looking at the hype of too many of the big brands.  Brite Eyes is a face powder, luminizer, and concealer.  It is much more than what I expect from an HD face powder.

The color of the powder is a simple peach-yellow which will cancel out any blue or green around the eyes.  The formula is made to luminize the skin without adding any shimmer yet it will matte down any shine without making the skin look flat.  If I explained it in technical terms, the ingredients in the powder allow the artificial lighting (a camera flash) to disperse, softening the look of the skin.

The Color

Brite Eyes does offer coverage but not the very heavy caked on look like regular mineral powder concealers.  This one has a delicate feel to it, making it quite versatile.  The powder, when used in a layered way, can really give eyeshadows a soft glow.

If you are wondering about the effect of it under the eyes, I had to show you on the Wise Owl generation -- Olivia Sr.  The top picture shows the powder without.  The bottom two pictures shows the soft effect beneath the eyes which is a difficult area for many due to the delicate nature of the skin.  I only used it under the eyes so you can compare how it glows compared to the skin between the brows.  Notice, how it softens the lines without looking dry and powdered.

How it Works

Unlike regular HD powders, this one will apply easily on the skin and not fly away so much into the air.  Since it is tinted, there is less whitening of the skin when pictures are taken but I do recommend pressing it into the skin with a powder puff (my fave is the Forever puff) after a brush application.

Wise Owl Approved

This powder is great for dry skin, oily skin, young skin, old skin, male, female, whoever!  Brite Eyes is a must-have powder for everyone!  Olivia Sr. can't live without it and it has become Wise Owl Approved!  Kathy needs to make a supersize of this because the large isn't big enough!

*Special thanks to Aldona for niggling me about this product! XOXO*
*I bought this.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!

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