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Out of Respect - The Tutorial that Will Never Be

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you are reading this post elsewhere, it has been stolen by a hoarding thief of the web!*
Here is the following info on the thief:

I was all set to do another Definitive Makeup Guide.  It would have been about facial contouring, highlighting, and the ever so important facial symmetry.  But as hard as I tried, I could not move forward with it because something in the back of my mind kept echoing -- RESPECT!! Yes, cue the Aretha Franklin song!

I wanted to show you the importance of highlighting and contouring in terms of your own facial symmetry. How makeup application worked by seeing the facial parts as a whole rather than separations of the eyes, cheeks, and lips.


For one I am talking about those who scrape blogs.  (I mention the scraper in the beginning.)  I get the feeling they are the ones who are sending me the SEO emails to tell me how my rank could be better in google if I paid them to stop the duplicate content.

Then, there are the idiots who think the internet is free information and crediting someone is totally unnecessary because what is more important is pandering to the PR for some samples.  Here is something I want to say to the PR and cosmetic brands:

You really need to have a morality clause if you choose to become associated with a vlogger/blogger.  Because, if the vlogger/blogger plagiarizes or even makes libel statements against someone, that really makes the brand look as though they are supporting this!!!

I have lost major respect for many brands because of this and for many others who seem to rely mostly on the image of many of the beauty vloggers/bloggers instead of their own brand image.  Honestly, I don't know how one line is different from another anymore because all of them are telling me I have to pile on all my makeup to look like everyone but myself!

Back to the tutorial, I have the utmost respect for the true makeup artists, the ones who are actually being paid for their profession.  It would not have been respectful of me to do this tutorial because it really would have invaded a small territory of the makeup field.  That is all I will explain on that part.

I also didn't want the post to be "used" by others who just don't give credit for their sources and just love the attention bestowed upon them by their followers.   Believe me, I was about to credit a few people if the post were written.

I feel bad for those who really appreciate my posts.  At the same time though, as the virtual world of beauty is leaning towards disrespect, I would like to keep my respect towards those who deserve it.  I hope you understand this.



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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