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Where Is Olivia - Can You Find Her?

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Like Where's Waldo, I am wearing a knitted cap, striped shirt, and tight black pants! I guess you are wondering where I am.  Well, I think you can tell I have nothing to write about. Actually, that is not true.  I do have some thoughts to write about but it is more of a philosophical view on beauty and makeup.  You could say it is a boring or more of a psychological view of it.

First, I have been dealing with the STUPID SCRAPER who turns out to be the same person scraping my blog in various web urls.  Finally caught the person and banned him from the blog!  No guarantees though but I noticed he likes to scroll the home page and gather the information.  This is why I removed or changed my post summaries to no pictures.  I know it looks unappealing  but the pages will load faster without the pictures.

I have nothing to review and as you know I am not exactly the stereotype for many beauty brands so I am left out in the dry barren winter landscape of beauty blogging.


Yes, because the majority of the products are aimed to be PRed excessively by the fawning crowd of nymphets.  I, being an aging witch, cannot hype a product aimed for the youth unless I drink a vial of virgin blood to cure my old age first!

Where to go?

I thought about doing a private blog.  A blog about beauty for those who want to expand their mind.  I have always loved thinking outside the box because beauty really has no limits.  It is when I have to stay inside the box, frustration occurs.  Or when someone says, "That is stupid!" or "I didn't come here to learn photoshop." (What one reader said about Into the Palette.)  In a sense, they are right, it is photoshop.  Maybe I was stupid.  I didn't see it as learning photoshop but seeing makeup application in a different form.  I guess I was thinking too much outside the box.

But, isn't that when you start to see a new road or a new perspective?  

I do with beauty and I just can't stick to the average here-is-the-product type of review.  Beauty is about a person and their soul and not how to live life in a world that defines beauty by youth. Which is so VERY WRONG!!!

Honestly, if my blog were to continue, it would be a wordy and essay type of blog that would bore the absolute life out of many.

Then again, maybe that would stop the IDIOT PLAGIARIZERS and SCRAPERS!!!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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