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The Unpaved Beauty Blogging Road

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

By now, the road of this beauty blog stands at a personal one. I have given over 200% of myself on the majority of these posts including ones I really didn’t want to write up. With the way beauty blogging is going, to say I have given up is close to the truth.

I have given up on PR. Olivia Sr. said something funny to me awhile back, she said, "You give so much of your time for ONE single beauty product, while others get an entire haul! Why are you wasting your time?” Yeah, she is right.

I have reassessed this blog and consider it to be semi-private now. Why? I can only do so much social media wise. Brands want you on every social media site to promote their product. I understand that but for the amount I get, I might as well just buy it myself and not say a damn thing! As for social media, I like Twitter. I will stay with twitter. Pinterest is nice too, but my brain rests through television and not pinning.

As I said, I write up the majority of my posts with what I have which happens to be my brain.  I am not saying other bloggers/vloggers don't use their brain (although I question some). I am saying I use what I have without the help of beauty products.  Well, you might say, why not buy some products and review? I will get to that. I actually have an awful habit of using my brain to the point of exhaustion or overzealousness. Currently, I may be a bit quiet but my brain is TRYING to think outside the makeup application box to come up with some eyeshadow ideas.

Aldona can attest to my overzealousness of my makeup brain for she has been my guinea pig. She lives across the globe from me which might as well be another universe. I write up the rough draft tutorials, she tries them out. What doesn’t work gets tweaked. If nothing works, my brain has to think up another way and I am left with twirling ideas inside my head again. The most recent one has been twirling since the summer of last year and I am not happy having it sit in my brain without a solution as of yet.  We are both working on it still!

Buy products to review

Yeah, I did that once before as you have read here. There comes an awful waste with buying things you really don’t need. Honestly, I would rather pay off a debt than waste my money. Besides, my beauty roots lie in the pro brands. This is really the fault of the thespian which introduced me to the world of professional makeup way back in the early 80’s. Every beauty product from then on has always been compared to pro brands and, honestly, with proper technique and practice; nothing beats professional products!

What I could do for this blog? 

Aldona and I were thinking of doing a comic book beauty blog; beauty tutorials in a comic book form and selling it!

Aldona and I selling our own line of makeup called Witchy Bitchy Makeup - Face It, Everyone is a Bitch Inside!

Have a telethon for TUBB (The Unknown Beauty Blog)! Raise money and start reviewing products on the many brands bloggers/vloggers receive and see if what they say is truly “AH-MAZING”!

With the jokes aside, I know this beauty blog won’t stand up to the others. But then again, I am not like the others.

The Unknown Beauty Blog: Loved By A Makeup Cult! Uncredited, Copied, and Plagiarized by Idiots!



**Special thanks to Aldona, she is a great comic book artist!**

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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