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*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. No affiliate links. No PR samples. And no smoke blowing up my ass! However, if you read this post elsewhere, it has been taken!*

I haven't abandoned makeup completely, in fact, I have learned more about it.  Mostly about color and pigment.  In doing so, this has caused me to use my brain severely which meant abandoning the virtual world at times.  I actually had to create space in my brain for productive purposes.

Before I go into the makeup, I want to thank Jill for the wonderful email.  It is people like her and my cult that really make me understand what blogging is about.  It isn't a competition or some grand scheme of turning into some millionaire via chump change.  It is about PEOPLE like you and me from different walks of life with a LOVE for makeup NO MATTER WHAT AGE!!!

Okay, back to this post.  With spring here and the summer just around the corner.  I had to rethink my makeup routine.  Some of you know I have downsized tremendously, which seems to be turning into a trend.  I don't blame you!  Do you need 30 different taupes? Yes!

Anyway, when I downsized I ended up not having a bronzer.  Maybe, it went into the trash bag or maybe, I just wasn't happy with the color.  I blame it on the latter.  Instead of trying to find a bronzer that would suit me, I decided to make a bronzer to match me.

I didn't want a dry matte and flat bronzer, nor did I want some shimmery type of one.  I didn't want one too dark, brown, red, orange, or yellow.  I wanted a bronzer that would blend into my skin yet give off soft luminizing glow.

Pretty much I created it with the pigments from DIY Cosmetics.  By the way, the site doesn't have much left from their sale but if you are looking for dark colored mineral foundation or even some blushes and eyeshadows, there is some left.  If you are looking to add a bit of more color to these products, then try their sister site for pigments.

I also bought a stack of Ben Nye pancakes.  Okay, not actual food but you know the pancake makeup similar to what Max Factor had way back.  I am experimenting with these and will let you know how it works out.

I also bought some eyeshadows from a discontinued line.  So sad to see the quality of eyeshadow taking a downhill slide like the makeup brushes.  I will explain more about these eyeshadows in another post.

One more thing before I end this post, Disqus commenting system.  A few days ago, overnight Google decided to screw with blog urls making it mess up Disqus.  Some of the people who commented may not see their comments.  I just want you to know I do see them but I can't integrate them.  I tried everything and nothing works.  I just want to let you know I did not delete them or block them.  If any of you are having trouble commenting, please let me know!!!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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