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Dipping My Fingers into the Burberry Pink Taupe Eye Palette

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

The snob in me surfaced a few weeks ago.  I convinced myself that I deserved a luxury makeup item.  After all, I am pretty sure my last luxury makeup (not beauty tools) was a Chanel Ombré Eyeshadow in 2013.  I wanted an eyeshadow palette which I could use everyday and feel loved and special.  This is why I chose the Burberry Pink Taupe.

Burberry Pink Taupe

The Burberry Complete Eye Palette retails for $60 and I have to say pushing the button to order this didn't take much effort.  The palette itself comes with three mini brushes which I will never use and will go into my makeup museum (train case) of delightful and useless cosmetic contraptions.  It also came with a Burberry patterned eyeshadow sleeping bag.  I call it a sleeping bag.

The Packaging - Sleeping Bag & Brushes

Cozy and just screaming LUXURY with the embossed Burberry pattern on the packaging and eyeshadows, how could I not love this set?

Pink Taupe is a set of neutrals but not in the usual brown neutrals.  The four colors are coordinated to work together without looking like a gradation of colors.  With the flash of a camera, the colors have that soft luminescence to them, very appealing and almost siren like; they beckon you to buy!

The Colors

In soft lighting with no flash, it looks like four colors of luxurious smoothness and glow.  See that pattern on the shadows, doesn't that scream pay the extra $$$ and feel good?

The Swatches

The texture of the colors consist of three satin colors: dark blackened burgundy, soft rose/mauve, soft khaki which can either look slightly green or slightly wheat depending on your skin tone and lighting.  The last color is a burnt peach and has a bit of a shimmer finish to catch that light, after all it is a luxury eyeshadow palette.

So what do I think of my luxury purchase?  Do I feel special?  Do I feel pampered?

None of the above.  I feel stupid.  It wasn't a wise choice to spend the amount of $60.  Maybe, I was buying around what I really wanted to try which was a Tom Ford cream eyeshadow or either avoiding it.  I really don't know.

After years of playing around with pro brands and also playing around with my own DIY pigments, I find this palette doesn't live up to its luxurious status.  For one, the ingredients don't impress me.  They could have left out the silica and replaced it with some oil to allow the shadows to apply onto mature skin better.  The silica may give off that glow and pan appeal but it can feel a bit dry around the eyes especially since it already has corn starch in it.

The Eyes

Color wise, in the case it looks beautiful but for the pigment it gives off, you really need to layer this on top of other similar colors for it to show up.  They are soft and sheer, too sheer for the price.  I bet you can't tell I used all the colors on my eyes in the picture above!  In fact, I couldn't even get the colors to show up with a sponge tip applicator.

But, let me not insult anyone's love for Burberry.  I know there are fans of this line and I wouldn't pull the raincoat over their eyes.  If you want to feel luxury and prefer a sheer set of shadows, then this is the line for you.

Me, I should have bought a Ben Nye Fireworks and Fantasy wheel instead.  I would get a better color pay off and more use out of it and with a cheaper price tag.   Remember, luxury means pretty packaging which I could care less about.  Besides, why should an eyeshadow palette have a sleeping bag anyway????

Ben Nye Fireworks



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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