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The Changing Shape of Makeup Brushes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Long ago, when makeup life was very simple and only consisted of a few products and simple beauty tools of sponges and sponge tip applicators, the pros or makeup artists shopped at the art stores for their makeup brushes.  The shape of these brushes reflected the needs of the painters more than the makeup artist. Filberts, flats, mops, and rounds were the majority of the basic shape of these brushes.  Now, you have more!

The unconventional shapes of the Artis brushes made me realize makeup brushes are no longer defined by the usual painter artist shapes.  With technology and design, there are brushes which are more ergonomic and/or faster in makeup application.  Then again, maybe they are just gimmicks (just like I once thought of the Artis)!  You decide.

Vargas Beauty has a line of Kabi Brushes. They actually look like a computer mouse and a kabuki brush mistakenly got a little too close and mated!  The brushes are priced at a reasonable $39.99.  The hair is synthetic and are said to be "cashmere" soft leaving an airbrushed application of makeup. Hmm, does this sound familiar to some other brushes? 

I don't know how these compare to the Artis other than they don't have a long handle to grab.  If you are curious, they come in different brush head shapes from round to rectangular.  So far they only appear to be face brushes and not eye brushes or any other type of smaller brush.

Another type of brush is for functionality of a makeup product.  Take for example the Bare Escentuals Perfecting Face Brush ($28).  This has a little well in the center of the brush to allow a couple of drops of foundation for easy application.  After all, why waste time dotting on the foundation on your face when you can just dot it into the brush? 

Then there is the opposite of the brush above which is an innie.  The Tip and Blend brush is an outie and is made by the Italian brush company Pennellifaro.  They are made from a synthetic fiber called Dermocura created by the brush brand itself.  When I first saw these brushes, many different thoughts other than makeup occupied my mind.

See video at the beginning of post.

What are your thoughts about these makeup brushes?  Are you a traditionalist? Are you sticking to the basic shapes of makeup brushes?  Or are you and adventurist and willing to try these different shapes?

Tell me what you think.



*Pictures of the Kabi brushes from Vargas Beauty.  Picture of Bare Escentual Face Brush from Bare Escentuals.  Any mention of this blog is greatly appreciated since I have no affiliation with any of the brands above.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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