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The Greatest Beauty Blog Posts of My 7 Years

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

The Hits and the misses. My beauty blog is 7 (lucky? or unlucky?) years old this month.  In the beginning I have read posts on how to make my blog better and how to get the attention of PR.  Oh yeah, all that reading and, honestly, it was bullshit!

You may see posts that are similar to “How to Start a Beauty Blog”, they will tell you to get on the good side of PR to get them to remember you.  With those press releases, you can write up a post.  Well, I did just that, and I even emailed them to tell them what I did.  They didn’t care.  It was free advertising for the brand!   


This is why some of my posts will say at the top “This is a Free advertisement” or “No compensation received, whatsoever.”  I figured since the FTC is so strict (sarcasm) on their rules, I would just let everyone know how these brands got free space on my blog.


My blog really began to change when I started writing my Definitive Guides.  I did those because I had NOTHING when it came to beauty product reviews; PR only gave me press releases, and the brands I wanted to PR said I was not qualified, aka low stats.  YET, I wanted my beauty blog to survive.

With what I had stored in my brain, the blog had only my soul to continue.  I wrote the posts and the stats on my blog began to change.  Not big major hits like other beauty blogs, just steady hits where people have to come to my blog.

Here are some of the must read posts.  Please, don’t laugh, compared to the big blogs, I know these stats are nothing.

The Difference Between Asian and Caucasian Eyes - Has the most hits at about 124,000.  Considering this post is old, written back in 2009, the number isn't as impressive as the new posts below.

These are the posts that are clicked on EVERY SINGLE DAY of this blog!!!

What is the Difference Between Hair Color and Toner? - I will get anywhere from at least 110 to 150 visitors EACH day for this post alone!  And, the post is not yet a year old, it will be in August!

Haircolor Formulas and the Developer - This post is visited every single day with close to 104,000 hits (the post has reached 106,000 hits now as of June 30th!) since its posting back in only 2014.

These posts were written mainly because I wanted them out of my hair. (pun!)  Other funny stats about the Definitive Haircolor Guide.  The hits start to climb on Friday.  I guess everyone is thinking about coloring their hair over the weekend.  Saturday, the guides get read and are looked at longer.  I suppose getting ready to color.  Sunday, furious search through the many posts.  I am guessing some weekend mess-ups have to be solved before going to work on Monday.  After all, who wants to go to work with carrot orange hair?

The Most Popular Makeup Post

The makeup post which appears on google search on the first page at various rankings from #1 to #8 turns out to be a very informative one.  This post gets numerous hits from very steady to overflowing every single day since I wrote it.

A Visual Guide to RCMA Foundations - THIS POST WAS ONE OF THE HARDEST I HAVE EVER WRITTEN!  (Edited: Which is probably the reason why it took a long time to write the Joe Blasco version of it.) This one almost made my brain explode because it hurt my actual brain cells! They had to think overtime from the organization and explanation.  I didn’t want the Kehoe family to be insulted (not that they know about this) by this post.  I had to make sure to do it as respectable as possible and tried not to embarrass them or myself.

Check out: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Joe Blasco Foundations

You can see from google search where this post ranks with the various key words.

What I can say about these four posts is this; if I received a penny for each of the many hits daily, I could support this beauty blog easily!!!  Do you hear that RCMA? Frends Beauty? Camera Ready Cosmetics? Nigel Beauty? 


Other popular posts which get visitors every day are my Skin Illustrator posts.  The post on the Best No Color Translucent Makeup Setting Powders from 2009 is climbing.  Yeah, I was raving about RCMA No Color powder way back in another forum.  Did anyone give a shit? Not really!  Anyway, look at its popularity now, and I had nothing to do with it. Let's not forget the Viseart posts, very pigmented and just spectacular pro quality French makeup.

The Misses Because They Don't Kiss Ass Enough

The major misses for my blog happen to be and not surprising the free advertisements or press releases.  Yeah, like who wants to read something that isn’t reviewed with an actual sampling? My readers aren't that dumb!  As for the beauty reviews, the pro brands get the most hits while the beauty brands get fair hits but not the greatest. However, the Artis Brushes (thanks Gail!) do get their daily hits!

The Major Headaches of Beauty Blogging

The headaches are the copyright infringements.  For you new bloggers and vloggers, there is a blogging etiquette.  If you google you will see some posts about it.  I have had to deal with idiot scrapers who for some reason like to collect posts from various blogs.  I don’t know what satisfaction they get out of this action (except maybe trying to extort money by claiming they are some S-E-O expert telling me my ranking sucks because of duplicate content.  Yeah, it is your ranking that sucks, not me!),  but I guess it is virtual hoarding.  This psychological trait has forced me to learn html and css for my blog, something I never imagined in my life!  I am not saying I could design my own template, far from.  Let’s just say I have put up preventative measures for easy scraping.

Through the bullshit and headaches, I have found, like in my real life, there are unfortunately, the dumbasses and then there are the great true and beautiful people!   In the 7 years of blogging, I am glad to know there are true friends who are part of my cult.  Nothing can take that away.  Thanks for allowing me to exercise my old brain and thank you for reading my thoughts!!!



Blog posts are worthless! Be careful what you write!!!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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