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2 Great Beauty Products Everyone Needs By MoMoUP

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
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Sometimes when you see cute, it may not be practical or functional.  Yet,  when it comes to Asian beauty brands, they always have a knack for combining both.  MoMoUP is one brand creating these products and these are two which everyone should have.

MoMoUP has created two great products which every makeup wearing person needs: makeup remover and blotting papers.

You might say, "I can get those at my local drugstore, Olivia."

I answer, "Yes, you can but they aren't as cute and benri (convenient in Japanese) as these!"

1. MoMoUP Makeup Blotting Papers

The Cuteness of a Panda

When I opened the MoMoUP package, I actually said the words "how cute" out loud.  Come on, you know how boring blotting papers are packaged.  Sure, you can have them in some fancy compact but everyone carries a compact.  No one carries a panda!

From the start I fell in love with MoMoUP Makeup Blotting Papers ($9.99), not only because it is absolutely cute and one of my favorite animals; it is a roll of blotting paper.  I remember when a major beauty chain had their roll of blotting papers, I used them up with no hesitation.  I actually went through three of them and decided to get a fourth when I sadly found out the beauty chain discontinued the product!  I was devastated.   I actually like my blotting papers in a roll because I get to control the size.  Not only do I get to control the size of this one, there are refills which come in a package of 2 at a cost of $9.99.  No need to throw away the panda!


Efficacy of this product is as good as those blotting papers housed in a fancy compact.  The sheets are lightweight and unscented.  I noticed one side is shiny while the other is dull.  This might be just the design or it could prevent the facial oils from spreading throughout the paper.  I am really not sure, but this blotting paper gets the job done.

2. MoMoUp Facial Makeup Remover Pads

Makeup Remover Pads

These MoMoUP Facial Makeup Remover Pads ($8.99) are more functional and practical.  Inside the box is a package of 25 packets of remover pads.  You might think that is not much.  However, each packet contains 2 pads bringing the total to 50.

Individually Packed & Soaked

Cotton pads soaked with makeup remover, so what. (I bet you are thinking.)   Well, when it comes to Asian brands, cotton pads are practically lint free.  They are nothing like the lint accumulating-in-the-eye-ball type of pads.  They also aren't scratchy, they are pretty much a well-weaved cotton gauze.

These makeup remover pads hold a massive amount of makeup remover.  If you just wear a modest amount of makeup like I do, one pad can remove the entire face.  I had to place the other pad in a ziploc bag to prevent it from drying out to use the next day.

Makeup Removal

What I like about this product is not only the design and practicality, but also the formula.  The pads remove makeup very efficiently and without irritation.  If you are familiar with Asian brands, they usually leave some type of moisturizing feel to their removers, usually this is from glycerin.  This happens to be one of the main ingredients in the remover.

The Removed Makeup

After removal there is no silicone type of slippery feel to the skin or any dryness you may feel from a non-silicone type of makeup remover.  The skin tends to feel comfortable after makeup removal.


These two products receive a thumbs up from me. Not only do they both do their individual jobs proficiently in keeping and removing makeup; they are designed to make life happier and easier.  The price of these products also make them affordable.   Think about the upcoming Holiday season, anyone who wears makeup will appreciate these!

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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