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This Cat is Dandy - A Marketing Footnote

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

This post has purposely been titled way off the mark of beauty blogging.  I want it to insignificantly rank low in my blog posts for Google search.  This post has to do with Mally Beauty, PR, and beauty blogging.

My blog lives day to day, or week to week, or sometimes every fortnight to fortnight (fortnight = 2 weeks).  There is no set plan to posts because I really don't have much to plan for it.  Therefore, after I posted the destruction of the Mally Beauty 4K Foundation, I went on as usual.  I thought nothing of the post since my blog isn't the attention grabbing type.  I tweeted to alert my followers to a new post.  In tweeting I usually include the twitter name of the brand. Tweeted and done!  Another day, another post.  I didn't expect much, and in my 7 years I have learned my place in beauty blogging.  I don't have the big number of followers.

The numbers.  It doesn't matter how you get those numbers.  You can buy followers.  You don't even have to be nice.  You can even plagiarize and say libel.  You just need big numbers and PR will shower you with samples galore.  You don't even have to know what you are talking about.  No wonder beauty bloggers/vloggers are looked down upon by the pro community.

For me, I hate to write like an idiot. I hope when I write my posts, they don't read like typed clucks from an incoherent chicken.  

PR Samples in General

Samples for me are judgement calls.  Not only do I get to judge the product, I get to judge the personality of the brand!

This is why whenever I get the rare chance to try a sample of makeup, I get into this mode of analyzing.  I like to feel the product between my fingers, look at the pigments under the lights, check out the undertones, etc.  I look at makeup differently not as just something to color the face but as a product that can enhance one's individuality and creativity.  I know PR and brands don't care about this because, as I mentioned, it is all about NUMBERS. 


By now I am so used to being unnoticed in the beauty blogging world, I become utterly flabbergasted when both the brand and PR contact me because of a bad sample.   

When it came to Mally Beauty foundation sample, I judged but I couldn't be angry because I expected what I expected. I was not some big beauty blogger or some great YouTuber.  I was just a blogger who writes about beauty.  The person who sent it must have been tired because of the carelessness in packing the product.  Stuffing it into a 10 1/2" x 14" envelope (or larger) with no extra bubble wrap and shipped via ground, its destiny was to break into a million pieces.  Karmic fate for me was to understand my blogging style will never become dependent over samples. 

I just felt bad for Mally Roncal. I didn't understand how this beauty product could be mishandled especially when its creator, Mally Roncal has such grace and beauty.  After all, a beauty product is to inspire someone and to emanate a person's inner beauty with love and grace.

At least that is how I believe beauty products to be.  They nudge the shyness of the person to bring out the loving soul and inner beauty by giving confidence.  I love seeing that which is why I love makeup.

To the PR firm

As I said, I expected what I expected as a person who blogs about beauty.  That is all I am and you really don't need to blow smoke up my arse to make me feel special.  There is also no reason to apologize for what couldn't be controlled during transit. I am a grouchy, old, and wise woman who has encountered many misgivings in her life to know some things happen.  I just don't like to see the products represented to be packed so carelessly because it reflects on the brand(s).

To Mally Beauty

For those of you who are wondering about the sample and the aftermath.  I will be receiving a replacement. (Update: Never received replacement. Another moment of disappointment!)  This will allow me to review it with much more scrutiny!  I appreciate the correction and the service from Mally Beauty.

To My Cult Followers

Even if I don't get the latest and greatest beauty products,  I would rather exercise my brain and write an original and productive post.  Not only does Google like original content.  If it is important, it gets a nice ranking because people will return to the post.  This means people could stumble onto my blog via just an organic search.  This makes me feel good because I know I did it on my own with my hard working brain.   I also get to virtually meet new cult members!

This is what 7 years of beauty blogging has turned into...an achievement to write well and to have original content!!!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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