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Beauty Brands to PR: Makeup Envy to Free Makeup

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I am human and its funny for being a grown and old woman, the same feelings I had as a teen should creep up when I beauty blog.  For the past few weeks my makeup mind has been in a whirlpool of emotions from pure envy to pure frustration.

Pure Envy

I have been blogging for 7 years and within those years you could say my sampling has been small.  Like I said, I receive a lot of Press Clippings.  Let me state, my Definitive Guides are NOT PRESS CLIPPINGS.  I wrote those.  Let me also state I don’t do press clippings anymore because they don’t help me.  They are rarely read and Google search cares even less because of the lack of quality in the content.  I know backlinks are important for brands, more so than the instant exposure on Instagram.  So why should I do it for just some printed words on a press release?   And, as a human who sees brands give the world to those bloggers with a big following even through lying and defamation (which makes me disrespect the brands represented by those bloggers/vloggers even more) and nothing to someone like me, I have deleted several links from press releases and just don’t waste my time anymore with the demeaning treatment!!!

For some of my readers who don’t blog, I know you get jealous too.  I know you will have feelings of envy even from me for receiving what I call the LUCKY PR sample.  Let me say I do feel guilty at times and this puts me in between a rock and a wall.  I can’t buy every weekly new product.

I know backlinks are important for brands, more so than the instant exposure on Instagram.  So why should I do it for just some printed words on a press release?

Yet, when I see bloggers receive several boxes of samples, and here I am receiving a broken powder in an envelope; I can’t help but feel insignificant and most of all stupid!  Stupid for trying to even equate myself among other beauty bloggers when it comes sampling status. It doesn't matter how long I have been blogging, 7 years is nothing.  Credibility doesn't matter.  It is the shilling that matters because isn't that what people want??? 

The Fault is Mine

It is my fault for not having the followers brands are looking for.  It is my fault for not being on EVERY social media site.  It is my fault for not showing every aspect of my life on my blog.  It is my fault for trying to be original.  I am also stupid for not realizing a coincidence as a sign.  Or maybe I was ignoring it.  Only a few people know my sampling journey as I have used them as witnesses.  Four out of five times I never get the sample or I receive an email saying they can send a press release.  Whoopee!! (Sarcasm!  Thank goodness I don't live in North Korea!)   

But it isn’t my fault for actually having readers who spend hours on my blog reading.  Yes, reading The Unknown Beauty Blog because of its content!!!

State of Makeup - It is Free!

In the past I have bought my fair share of makeup.  I admit back then it was fun because it came from a well thought out quarterly collection.  Collections which I looked forward too with anticipation, enough to give me sleepless nights at times.  I know it sounds silly but I couldn’t wait for certain winter or spring collection from the major cosmetic counter brands. 

Now, there seems to be the same collection repeating itself only in a new package weekly or maybe it is daily.  I don't know.  My head is spinning and I feel like I have to stop it by sticking my finger into the small makeup collection I own like sticking my finger to stop the blades in a fan. (Did anyone else do this?  I still have all my fingers!)

The importance of makeup has become a status symbol for some.  A designer label in a chi chi container and slap on a $100 price tag and voila, the pigments are the Rolex of makeup.  Sure, not all pigments are the same.  Many have a patented process thanks to the brand who created the synthetic pigments.  However, those can be bought easily if you know where to look. 

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There is nothing wrong to feel pampered with some high end brand.  We all want to reward ourselves.  But when the reward is easily wasted, I wonder about the value of makeup to the brand who creates it.

Makeup has become wasteful because there is too much.  And, when I see it in a dumpster, it is no longer a status symbol!  Just because a store doesn't use testers or the product has a tester sticker on it, it is rendered useless even if it is unopened!

[video]https://www.youtube.com/embed/VFERGW4iJfE[/video] See video in the beginning of post. Video by makeupjunkie423.

I am appalled at the amount of makeup thrown away.  I know stores have to throw away used makeup for sanitary reasons.  I know people who go dumpster diving for makeup will sell it on ebay or on that used makeup retail site.  The health risks are present. 

I personally don't dumpster dive, but I don't condone those who do.  I just find we are wasteful people! Why can't the store donate to a homeless shelter?

Then, I think of my own beauty blog sampling, and my head spins again.

Fed Up

Why do I feel like I am fighting so hard for makeup samples when I see there really is no need to because of the lack of value to them.  At least that is how I interpret these videos.  I couldn't even get a sample from a major brand long ago because of their "limited budget".  (Yet, I watched all my blogger friends receive boxes of fun.)  Now, I know I should have looked for unused testers in a Sephora dumpster!!!  (Sarcasm!)

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After this post I expect to be blacklisted.  Not shilling and telling the truth is not what makes a good beauty blogger.  Then again, I am not a robot.  I also find it funny that once one subject gets some attention, brands will only focus on that.  Case in point, my hair guides.  All I get is stuff about hair.  I hardly do anything to my hair except color it and we know my sampling status on that!   I love makeup but as I said, my luck with it is batting zero but I guess I shouldn't worry.  It can always be found in some dumpster! (Sarcasm again!)

I really have more to say but the videos of the appalling waste just makes my thoughts one big swirl.  I might continue in a separate post.

*Special thanks to Deborah*


Livid Livvy

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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