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The Plasticity of Beauty and Beauty Blogging

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

My blogging mind filled with frustration over the past several weeks.  I didn’t even know I had this post lingering in my mind until I thought about a certain CSI episode.

I remember back in the late 1980’s when I wore a smokey eye look and scared this baby in a stroller.  She just looked at me and started to wail with fear.  Then there was the time my own dog started to low bark at me and for what? My makeup scared her!

Now, on many social media sites the look I see scares me!  Not only do these people look the same, they look so plastic or silicone…like those dolls!  When I see the latest beauty products hawked by many of these creatures, all I can think about is CSI: Rubbery Homicide episode.

If you haven’t seen the episode, it will probably freak you out!  It is from season 15 episode 8, and it’s about people who dress up like silicone dolls.  One is murdered and the CSI team enters the realm of silicone secrecy!

Maybe these brands are aiming for the silicone doll look.  If they are, I want to cry like the baby and like my dog I just want to do a low growl when I see one approaching me at a beauty store.  Maybe, I have a phobia called siliconus mannequinium (yes, I made it up).  I don’t understand why in this day and age of such beautiful diversity, the beauty brands have embraced the same unreal look.  No, wait I do; it is the numbers.  Brands need the instant recognition and these “ambassadors” will provide big numbers instantly but will it work over the long haul?

Maybe, I have a phobia called siliconus mannequinium...

This brings me to another topic, Mode Media.  I honestly never ever heard of this site until the news of it shutting down.  It had a valuation at $1 billion.  I don’t understand how they got this bloated valuation.  Maybe, I am just too old or old-fashioned to understand the worth of something virtual because I can’t grab it like a physical magazine.

Mode Media brought the world of many bloggers from different categories into their one digital site, a site which had hits in the millions.  Yet, I never even looked at their site once when it was operating!

I guess what I wanted to read turned out so differently from what they offered.  Maybe this is why my blog isn’t hip or cool.  I also didn’t care to read about the latest and greatest collections from them because the products have over-saturated the web with the same conclusion: great stuff and go get it NOW because there will be another great product tomorrow!

I know many factors went into Mode Media’s demise which left many unpaid staffers and bloggers.  I just wonder if this is the start of an avalanche?

There are many beauty brands out there trying to distinguish their individuality.  Ironically, since they are competing for instant exposure; they choose the same people to shill their products making them the same as any other brand.

What makes “Eyeshadow A” priced at $70 any different from “Eyeshadow B” at $10?  Unless a gay man will pop out of my box of eyeshadow to apply my makeup, the only difference would be bullshit and profit margin!  Sadly, that is how I have been judging many beauty products lately.  Sorry for my cynicism!

...the only difference would be bullshit and profit margin!

Speaking of bullshit, Google search tries to wade through it better nowadays.  I am no expert in this field but reading many articles about Google, the search giant has changed (updated) their algorithms to give original and quality content a priority whereas before, what mattered for many sites were the number of backlinks (which often became spammy).  Thanks Google 👍!

I don’t know how Google judges original or quality content but somehow their algorithms know what these are.  With so many brands vying for big instant exposure this leads to the same content on Google.  This is where important backlinks come in.  Backlinks give the brands’ website good ranking, gives them a guarantee in the search world.  It is very important for longevity.

And, this is where I get treated like a chump!  I get the press releases.  Brands hope for a link on my blog.  OR they blow smoke up my ass saying how great and wonderful my blog is when I know their path into my blog came from landing on my home page and straight to the “contact me” page. Another way is they pick one post and skim it and say what a fantastic blog I have. The rudest and what I would say disrespectful way are the emails saying they need a link back!  Would I be willing to write up a post?



Yeah, yeah, I know the answer which is what I mentioned above - numbers. Instant, Instant INSTANT sell!  Sell fast!!! 

Then again, why waste time with the effort?  Why not cut out the middle man and let it go straight into the dumpster?

Why not cut out the middle man and let it go straight into the dumpster?

Speaking of dumpster, IF my blog continues at this snail pace, I will be making changes.  I will no longer name or provide links to products unless I have bought them to review or have been provided a sample for review 😜.  (How comedic this will become. Yes, there is cynicism and sarcasm mixed with that remark.)  If I do a tutorial, I will just suggest generic products like cream foundation or brown eyeshadow.  No brand names because why be nice when I have been treated like cow dung💩?  Anyone for cow chip tossing?



*screencaps from Springfield! Springfield!*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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