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*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

The title is just to get your attention.  Actually, I was to title it "Stupid, Ignorant, and Just Plain Idiotic: The Unknown Beauty Blog".  For my regular readers you may have been wondering the silence of this blog and my silence around social media.  Well, let's say my brain became TIRED!!!

What I am going to say for the rest of this post may sound snippy and probably bitchy.  I DON'T CARE!!!

My brain wouldn't think up another post.  You know those Definitive Guide type of posts.  If my brain couldn't cooperate to produce new posts, why waste time?  After all we all know the failure of the Beauty Tarot posts!!!! 😆😜  I proposed silence than putting up junk posts.


Some of you may wonder why I don't have any affiliation links which is probably stupid and idiotic that I don't.  Why not make some money, right?  Here is the thing.  Affiliations can be like a relationship that turns bad.  Good at first, something new but then you get to know the product and realize not my type.  Then, the lying starts and the extra work to make it sound like there is a "Whole Lotta Love" for the product.  You know it is bad enough doing this in real life.  I couldn't bear to do it in my virtual one!  Besides, why should I affiliate myself with brands who care more about the big bloggers and YouTubers than insignificant me?  Who would want to buy a product which I wouldn't and certainly don't believe in?  Why would you want to listen to my spiel?  I might as well sell you snake oil!

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Also, I don't understand when brands offer me an affiliate link, yet I have NEVER EVER tried the product.  What happens if I hate the products?  Samples would be nice first!!!  Then, I can decide if I want to become an affiliate.

Either way, I think many of you know what brands really make me enthusiastic.  They are the pro brands.  Truly I could talk about these for many posts because they don't restrict my unconventional thinking.  I would BEG you to click my affiliate thinks of these pro brands if these brands offered them.


I think in my previous life I did something bad to the brands who gave out samples because in this life the karmic forces in sampling is the road to bad luck!  As I mentioned my sampling is as small as a petit choux creme!  I know beauty blogging has become a COMPETITION with the Instagrammers and YouTubers.  Therefore, they get things almost automatically while I have to fight or enter a giveaway just for bloggers and such.

You know what? SUCK MY NUTS!!! (Thanks Abraham and Beauty Reflections)  If the PR of a product is overwhelmed by just exposure than the true talents of the very great bloggers (I am calling myself a great blogger!  You know I am being sarcastic and not narcissistic!), then the products are probably just a collection of pigments made in China.  Oh wait, they are!!! 😲 (cynical sarcasm)

Shillers and Nerds

Everyone is a sales assistant today. You receive a product and you have to sell it to make others think they are missing out.   Missing out so much that you will become an insignificant person in the world of makeup brand popularity.  This is so much like high school and the cliques!  You are NOTHING if you don't own the latest nude eyeshadow palette which will be insignificant and found in the dumpster tomorrow!

Yep, I am nothing!  In fact I was thinking the other day how much of a true makeup nerd I truly was.  What kind of person starts thinking about the geometric and anatomical patterns of the face to apply makeup?  Then to think which pro brands would really work for this because regular brands don't have enough pigment to allow the differentiation of the textures and colors.  Yes, this is how I see makeup!

Unloved and Loved

I know my blog gets very little love from brands.  Ironic since they need the backlinks on blogs for good ranking on search engines.  Ironic because brands may ignore me but the BIGGEST and IMPORTANT brand loves 💖💘💗💕 me and that is GOOGLE search!!  Thanks to my ORIGINAL (non-press release) posts, I have some Featured Snippets!!! Am I bragging?  Yes, because I have no unboxing or a big haul of great products to brag about!  Or a brand to thank for their generosity of samples. I just have to Thank Google for their love of my posts thanks to the CTR from organic searches!

I also have to thank my readers.  I thank those who email me and see my enthusiasm when I talk about pro products or how I am appreciated for the content I write.  I don't consider myself a great beauty blogger because I really have no backing of brands to show for it.  I just write to make this blog survive which is slow at times like now.  I also thank those who actually credit my blog or give a link to a post on their YouTube channel or Facebook or anywhere else!  THOSE ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED because this blog runs on appreciation which something brands don't give two sh*ts about but I DO!!  Thank you to Celeste Wu for the mention.

Some Other Conclusions

I apologize for not having the great post of the everywhere-you-see-and-hear-with-the-affiliate-link, the VIB Sephora Haul!!! Yeah, I don't have one.  That is my only explanation.  I would rather have a big box of Ben Nye than waste my time with products which were made over a year ago with less than stellar ingredients for the fast seasonal sell.

As for this blog,  I do have my Ben Nye Fireworks post to work on.  But like I said, my brain is fried.  I don't mean to sound down or anything especially right before the Holidays.  In fact, I wish all of you a great holiday and try to remember love and appreciation comes from people and not products!!!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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