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Beauty Trend 2017: The Modest Makeup Lifestyle

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Previous years I have purged products I bought to support this blog.  Cosmetics, beauty accessories, all the things spent on products which touted themselves as great products all over the web only to become junk in my makeup drawers. This year is the year I downsize for the sake of my makeup sanity!

Unlike many beauty bloggers who have an entire room of cosmetic goodies.  I had about three traincases full of items bought with my OWN money.  (Maybe, just 1% were lucky PR items.) Looking at all the cosmetics and having only ONE face told me I really didn't need ALL of it. I had to decide what was well-spent money. What products would make the cut.

The following pictures are just makeup products. No tools or skin care. Honestly, my skin care routine would bore you because I really don't have an array of 22 products, I just have 5 products. That is another story for another time. What you don't see is Skindinavia primer and my favorite makeup sealant Blue Marble. I forgot to include those!

The Train Case

My makeup collection fits in this one traincase! This is still way more than I possessed in high school.  I only had enough makeup back then to fit into a regular size fishing tackle box. No makeup traincases back then or even Caboodles.  Yeah, I am old!

Inside the Train Case

You can see there is an array of products from high end to low end to pro stuff to self-made stuff, courtesy of my pigpen.

Here is what I have:

The Survivors 1

I bet you are shocked to see those two high end eyeshadow palettes. Hey, I am human. I want to feel special and pampered.  I can't say the feeling lasts but it is nice to have some fancy-packaged beauty items to stare at, breaks up the monotony. What didn't make it was my Burberry. Sorry, not a fan of that line.

Drugstore is always fun to check out. A coupon plus the BOGO (buy one get one 50% off) isn't a bad deal either! Without these little discounts, drugstore makeup can add up to become the same price as a good high end one.

I won't list all the products shown only some.

  • Le Metier Brigitte Palette - It contains PTFE or teflon which used to be a common ingredient in many eyeshadows a few years back.  (I just have more to say about the change in eyeshadow formulation but that is a separate post altogether.) 
  • YSL Fauve Palette - I think that is what it is called.  I don't keep up anymore. Honestly, the shadows are in such tiny pans which makes it hard not to make a mess.
  • Suva Beauty Hydra Cream Base in Caramel - I haven't reviewed this yet but I am not disappointed with Suva Beauty products at all!

The Survivors 2 - Pencils

These are my pencils.  The first 6 pencils on the left are eyebrow pencils.  I only have two brows but why do I need 6?  I don't know but some make great teaching tools when experimenting with makeup and they also work as eyeliner.

  • Senna Sketch-a-Brow is still my fave.  It is the long extra-skinny one, the fifth one from the left.
  • Urban Decay Woodstock - Why do I have this color? It just breaks up the monotony of the neutrals.  You know that pop of color!

The Survivors 3

I realized I have a lot of loose powder products.  I have just been a loose powder user since high school and old habits are hard to change.  The small bottles are just the Skin Illustrator Skin Glazing Gels. Missing in this picture is my Ben Nye Fireworks Fantasy Wheel.

  • Sue Devitt Face Powder - This is one nice powder.  I often go out without wearing foundation and just this powder.  It feels comfortable on my skin.
  • Fusion of Color Brite Eyes - My favorite HD powder!
  • Maybelline Dream Brightening Concealer - I like Maybelline concealers.  They are easy to use and spread easily.  I bought two different colors to suit my needs. I figured these pencils will not naughty themselves like my Instant Rewind.
  • Maybelline Contour Stick - If people say this is one amazing stick, they are bullshitting you! It is a sheer stick that doesn't do anything but provide a faint color.  I keep it to mix with other pigments.
  • Kat Von D Blush Duo - I bought this at Marshalls.  Priced cheaper than drugstore makeup, I didn't mind.  Worth the $5.99 price!

This is the rest of my makeup.  I know you see drugstore foundation.  Let me explain more below.

The Survivors 4

  • Maybelline Superstay Foundation - I have 3 colors: the lightest, darkest, and a close match to my skin. The lightest and the darkest I can use on their own as a highlighter and bronzer, respectively.  Or I can mix them in varying degrees for other makeup experiments.  I never worry about them in terms of pigment because store brands never contain enough pigment when compared to pro brands. I actually like the texture of these. Easy to spread and use.
  • Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes - I had four of these but now only two because the other two dried up.  If I open these they will dry up unless they are dried up already in their unopened container.  I don't know why I keep them, maybe because they are such a prestige brand that I think some fairy will pop out and say, "Not to worry, it won't shrink!"
  • Viseart Brights - Can never be too neutral.  Always gotta have that clown attitude! 

The Survivors 5

  • Z-Palette - I bought this when Zena (the creator) was just starting the line! Inside I have 6 of the neutral eyeshadows from the Viseart Cool Mattes collection.  
  • Sue Devitt Eyeshadows - I keep these because not only are they good quality. They mark the end of an era when makeup wasn't as competitive as today.
  • Eyebrow stencils - I know these are really tools but I have three different sets. Senna eyebrow stencils are about 20 years old! Hard to believe.  Anastasia is about 15 years I believe and Paula Dorf came in a cool case with a mini brush!
  • Suva Beauty Neutral Necessity Eyeshadow Palette - This palette has replaced many of my eyeshadows I had before.  I stand by this brand.  Read the rest in my review.

The Survivors 6

My vast collection of shiny and some matte loose pigments.

  • Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe Powder - This is like putting unmelted snowflakes on your face or anywhere.  It needs a liquid sealant or you will find it everywhere but where you applied it in the first place.
  • Overall Beauty Minerals - These were PR samples (a rarity in my beauty blogging life). Kim makes these and comes out with new colors as fast as Superman flies around the world.  Okay, an exaggeration.  
  • Fusion of Color - Again, 3 of the colors were PR samples.  

The pictures above is all the makeup I own!!!  However, let me truthfully say I do have some DIY pigments. They aren't ready made products and are used to tweak some of these products (experimentation).

What I usually use is pictured below. I don't use all the products at once, but they are the products I reach for the most. Notice how it all fits in one tray!

The Products I use Regularly

This is my modest makeup lifestyle and I have to say it feels good. I know what I have. I don't feel guilty for spending the money. I know I will use the products because they suit me, my personality.

Are you ready for the modest makeup lifestyle?

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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