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Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Lotion: A Must Have Beauty Product for Your Skin

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
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Before I explain why Koh Gen Doh Oriental Plants Liquid Lotion is important, let me take you back to my youth.  As a little girl, I spent my summers in Japan. Hot and humid summers which made me feel like an egg being poached in its shell. 

Koh Gen Do Liquid Lotion

I was not used to humidity and this turned me into a sloth.  Yet, I never missed the morning show of my aunt going through her skin care and makeup routine.  Unlike magazines which portray Japanese women with some great magical skin care regimen, my aunt kept it simple.  I watched her wash her face, swipe it with a cotton pad soaked toner, then finish her routine by patting her face with what I thought was water. That act of just patting her face became a defining moment because I was CONFUSED! (Yes, my reaction at the time is similar to the GIF below!)

Where was the jar of moisturizer? Or the squeeze bottle of lotion?  My aunt was applying her moisturizer called a liquid lotion.  Simple!

You might think how can skin care be that simple?  Well, my aunt listened to her skin.  She knew what made it comfortable and that was liquid lotion. It was all the moisture she needed for the summer.  The winter, she would add a bottle of essence (similar to a serum).

Liquid lotion is a very common in Japanese skin care but not in western society.  You could say it is the product which really aids in keeping the skin balanced.  If you don't quite understand what a liquid lotion is, think of it in terms of salad dressing; you have your creamy dressings and then you have your vinaigrette ones.  Liquid Lotion is your vinaigrette!  

Liquid Lotion Ingredients

Like I said, this is a staple product in Japanese skin care which is not common in western skin care lines.  Fortunately, Koh Gen Do has a stellar liquid lotion from their Oriental Plants skin care line.  What makes this liquid lotion different from other Japanese lines is the fact it is truly plant-based.

Koh Gen Do is a vegan and cruelty-free line.  It is free from:

  • Artificial colors
  • Synthetic Fragrance
  • Mineral Oil derived from Petroleum.

This is very rare for a Japanese skin care line and this is why this Oriental Plants Liquid Lotion becomes more of a must-have product.

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Liquid Lotion comes in two sizes: 5.07 oz/150 ml retailing at $54 and 10.15 oz/300 ml retailing at $99.  There are two formulas to accommodate different skin types.

  • Oriental Plants Lotion I - Normal skin which goes anywhere from normal to oily or combination skin.
  • Oriental Plants Lotion II - Dry to Extra Dry Skin

Liquid Lotion Story

I have Oriental Plants Lotion I which is labeled here as oily to combination skin (aka normal).  From my experience from other Japanese brands, I am going to assume the Oriental Plants Lotion II would be a bit more moisturizing.  In some cases I find liquid lotions made for dry skin a bit too moisturizing for my skin which is normal to dry.

Why is Oriental Plants Liquid Lotion Important?

Not only is this a plant-based product, liquid lotion simplifies a skin care routine by balancing the skin’s moisture without adding a heavy layer.  It acts like a go between or glue for your serum and moisturizer.  Many times it can be used alone and is ideal in humid conditions.

In all honesty, the weather is a dry winter where I am and I have been using just this product as my moisturizer.  The only other product I use is eye cream and my skin feels moisturized enough.  Never over moisturized and never under.  My skin feels comfortable.  Also, this liquid lotion applies a smooth layer of moisture which means anything you put on top whether it be a cream moisturizer or makeup will apply more evenly.

How is it applied?

Many times, this product is completely misused or misinterpreted.  It isn’t a toner at all.  The product is applied after your serum (if you use one) or after you swipe your face with toner.  It is a moisturizer, and to apply it like a toner would be very off the mark.  You don't need to be fancy with a liquid lotion.

The Amount

See the amount above.  This is a little less than half a squirt.  It is also a size of 10 Yen coin or a size of an American quarter.  This is all you need!  A full squirt would be too much!  With this amount, I am able to apply it not only to my face and neck but onto my décolleté with some leftover to apply on my elbows!

You should not use a cotton ball because the moisture and liquid would just be soaked up and what you are left with is very little onto your skin and an over-saturated cotton ball. Just use your hands.  I usually squirt the above amount into one palm of my hand and rub my hands together and pat onto my face.

You are in Good Hands

Is Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Lotion Worth the Price?

Most definitely!  Remember, it isn't some glorified toner.  It is a moisturizer.  If you have oily skin, this possibly will be the only one you need.  If your summers are very humid, this product will not only balance your skin in the humidity, it will feel refreshing.

The amount used is worth the price.  I weighed it to be just 1 ml of product.  Now, I have a 300 ml product which means I have 300 uses out of it.  The price at $99 tells me I am just paying 3¢ per pump!

Not only is this a bargain, it is a skin care product which works and will work with what you have.  It will allow you to use less of what you have therefore prolonging its use.  It might even simplify and allow you to skip steps.

Now, do you understand why Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Lotion is a must-have?  If you do, just push the button below to take you to Koh Gen Do.

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