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12 Reasons Why You Need to Own Suva Beauty Neutral Necessity Eyeshadow Palette

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

The Suva Beauty almost broke my new year’s resolution; no more eyeshadow for 2017. Luckily, it came two days before the new year. However, I am pretty sure the brand will break it!

You probably own many neutral palettes already.  I know I do but Suva Beauty Neutral Necessity Eyeshadow Palette stands out among the others and here are a dozen reasons why.

Neutral Necessity Palette

1. Large Individual Pans

Remember when many of the eyeshadows came in 36mm pans?  That was the norm many years back.  Now, many brands have downsized or even stopped selling individual pans and opted for just palettes.  Each one of these pans carry 4 grams of product! This is a rarity.  (There used to be another brand offering this much but they downsized.) This amount is plenty for you to experiment and play. 

Prohibition Pub

2. Excellent Matte Formulation

Many matte eyeshadows today are just dry due to the lack of moisture content in their formula.  Not Suva Beauty!  These matte eyeshadows contain squalane (olive oil version) which gives them not only some dewy moisture (not oiliness) - dewiness.  This is a word that has surprisingly disappeared in eyeshadow vocabulary in the recent decade.  The moisture content will allow for better adhesion and won't look dry. 

Night Market

3. Throw Away Your Eyeshadow Primer

Remember when eyeshadow used to be easy to apply? There was minimal prepping, foundation or concealer then eyeshadow.  As stated in reason #2, there is dewiness which will act as a primer.  It will provide adhesion.  No more bloating your eyeshadow routine with the layering of unnecessary products.  You know this method was the norm back in the 20th century.  What is old is new again! Simplicity!

Turkish Bath

4. Lots of Pigment

When matte eyeshadows have some form of dewiness to them, the sacrifice happens with pigment.  Not in these!  You won’t be disappointed when you apply these colors onto your eyes, the color won’t disappear or fade.  The color you see is what will be on your eyes which ties into the next reason.

Shanghai Nights

5. Clarity of Color

If you are a painter (artist) you know there are different grades of paint from professional to student.  Same goes for makeup, believe it or not.  Some brands will tout high pigment content but when blended or applied with other colors, they tend to become one.  Each of these eyeshadows keep their individual color.  There is no murkiness of muddiness to them.  The colors are clear and vibrant.

Lock Bridge

6. Easy to Blend - Smooth and Creamy

Sometimes when you get a matte palette, the colors tend to stick too much making them hard to blend.  You won’t have this problem with these.  You can take your softest brush and blend the harshest lines with ease, no skipping or uneven application.


7. It is a Neutral Palette not Nude

When every brand has their palettes of nudes with the variations of every beige in this universe, Neutral Necessity has the necessary neutrals which explains the name.  Not many brands actually offer the two most important colors of black and white.  These two colors are staples in color theory; mix with black to darken any color and white to lighten.  The rest of the colors are the neutrals needed to work with every skin depth from light to dark and all undertones from cool, neutral, to warm.  Oh yes, the beige color isn’t that boring muddy beige either!


8. Affordable - It Won’t Make Your Credit Card Weep

Yes, there are cheaper brands out there with a palette of 200 (unnecessary) neutral eyeshadows (which you will only end up using about 8 staple colors anyway), but you will have to buy their brand of eyeshadow primer to aid in application. With these eyeshadows, for $49.95 (USD) you will get 8 necessary pans with 4 grams of color in each.  That comes to about 1.5¢ per gram if I did my math correctly.  That is a bargain for highly pigmented eyeshadow.


9. Refillable - No Fear of Hitting the Pan

You know the feeling, you have your favorite palette and there is always that one color which hits the pan first.  You can’t refill it because it came pre-made.  You won’t have to worry about running out of your favorite color with this one.  You can always find the refill at Suva Beauty.  The easy expulsion and magnetic palette makes replacement easy.  Better yet, you can customize.

Swatches 1

10. More Colors and Products

Once you fall in love with this palette, you will want to buy more!  Yes, Suva Beauty has shimmer eyeshadows (which I will eventually have to get).  They will go so well with the Ben Nye Fireworks Wheel.  There are also other interesting items such as Hydra Cream Base and Hydra Cream Liner.  Both of these are not gels which means they won’t dry out.  They can be used as is or activated with water.  You will probably end up wanting them all!

Swatches 2

11. Wise Owl Approved - For the Young at Heart

If you are a member of the wise owl community or getting there, you may notice more layering of unnecessary products means it won’t sit right on mature skin.  Less becomes more as one gets older but makeup brands seem to forget this and even forget there are Wise Owls out there who still love eyeshadow and  Olivia Sr. is one of them.  For this palette Olivia Sr. has given her Wise Owl seal of approval without hesitation.  It is easy to use and the eyeshadows  do not age her eyes.  In fact, this is the only palette she will use now!

Wise Owl Approved

12. This is the Matte Palette - Surpasses Pro Brands

In my 7 years of beauty blogging I mentioned a French brand for having the best palettes.  I no longer can support this.  This is very hard for me to admit!  Suva Beauty Neutral Necessity has surpassed my expectations when it comes to being the best matte palette!  No longer do I or even you as a consumer have to think that the French have the one-up on professional makeup quality.  The quality, affordability, and colors are right in the backyard of the USA - in B.C, Canada!

Olivia Sr.

Suva Beauty can compete without embarrassment with the professional makeup artist lines and the big brand names because the products work!

If you are looking for a matte eyeshadow palette without the extra effort of applying all those prep products or just sick and tired of the routine, get this Neutral Necessity paletteAnd, if you are looking for shimmer/metallic eyeshadows, then I can guarantee they are as good as these mattes!

Check out Suva Beauty with retailers around the world and  WORLDWIDE shipping!

Tell them Olivia from The Unknown Beauty Blog sent you! (Greatly appreciated!)

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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