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Prevent Fallout, Fading, Creasing with One of the Best Eyeshadow Bases

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Finding a good eyeshadow base is hard and I have tried many.  I fall in love with one only to fall out of love because it starts to miss the mark when it comes to working with several different eyeshadow brands.

Suva Beauty Caramel Hydra Base

One brand that appears to have created the close-to-perfect eyeshadow base is Suva Beauty. I will admit to buying this brand in increments. As of this posting I have already ordered more eyeshadow bases. (Yes, you will have to put up with my many Suva Beauty posts.)

Suva Beauty Hydra Cream Base is created in 9 different colors and retail for $11 (USD).  They are housed in a simple clear screw top container. The colors range from the fun and outrageous to the basic.  I bought the Caramel.  This is a neutral yellow colored base.

Suva Beauty Caramel Hydra Base Swatches

As common as this product sounds being a cream base, the formula allows it to be mixed with various liquids if wanted and needed.  The usual method would be to mix it with water allowing the color to be diluted a bit.

I also experimented and found other products to mix with it.


From left to right:

  • Non-oily makeup remover - I used Koh Gen Do.  This gave it a smoother finish than with just regular water.
  • Zim's Crack Creme Liquid Lotion - This gave the base a dewiness.
  • Liquid foundation - This can become similar to a concealer/base.

With all these options I like the original method, to just use it straight out of the container.


The cream is a hard cream and the best way to use it is to scoop a little out onto a palette or onto the back of your hand to warm it up.  The texture is tacky and it should be.  The best application method is to just tap it onto your eye area with your finger.

What you do next is important.  Since the texture is tacky, don't go smoothing out that tackiness by applying some HD powder or some face powder; leave it as is or it not only will lose its stickiness, it might look more wrinkly instead.  Apply eyeshadow straight onto the base by patting it on with your brush.  Your eyeshadow should last you all day!

In the following pictures I show how various eyeshadows look on top of the base. From left to right: a loose pigment powder (you know how hard those are to apply without a good eyeshadow base), Suva Beauty City of Angels - a metallic eyeshadow, Suva Beauty Night Market - matte eyeshadow.

Pressed Shadows to Pigments

Here they are without the base. The picture with the cream base allows the Suva Beauty eyeshadows to sit more smoothly.  It definitely aids in allowing loose pigments to stick and show more color.

If you are wondering how this base works with a high end brand, here it is with two of the colors from the YSL Fauves palette.

Works Well with High End Shadows

YSL tends to be sheer and very soft in color.  It also has a tendency to disappear (at least on me it does).  With the Hydra Cream Base, the colors are awaken!

I am very happy with the Suva Beauty Hydra Cream Base, so much so that I have become addicted to the bases and the line!  If you are wondering how it looks on wise owls, then check out Olivia Sr.'s eyes with the metallic eyeshadows.

Remember, these cream bases come in many colors.  You can use any of them to enhance, deepen, or layer to change any of the eyeshadow colors you own.  However, if you do order any of the cream bases, I suggest you order the shimmer eyeshadows and the matte eyeshadows also!!!

Tell them Olivia from The Unknown Beauty Blog sent you! (Greatly appreciated!)

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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