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How Silly is Silisponge by Molly Cosmetics?

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I will admit I had no desire to obtain a silicone sponge until Olivia Sr. asked me about it. She said she wanted to try one, I just gave her a look of passive resistance.  "Why not?" she asked, "You never know until you try!"  How could I not get one with that line?

I ordered the Silisponge ($12) from DistrictGlow (more about this site later) and when I received it I thought it resembled a floating ice pad.  Actually, I had many jokes running through my head but we won't go there!


I couldn't resist not taking the following pictures!

Penguins on Ice

Okay, enough of the cutesy bit.

I know you have seen the many knock-offs or the no-name silicone sponges.  From what I gather there are two main points which makes Silisponge better.

  1. The "sponge" is actually a solid silicone gel encased in a thin yet strong wrapping. It is sealed very well but the instructions stated that once it tears or becomes punctured it should be discarded.  Knock-offs sometimes fall right out of the encased wrapping.

  2. There is a scent to it, nothing strong, just smells like jasmine which I found unusually nice.  Knock-offs, I have heard, stink!

The sponge is firm yet not hard like a silicone spatula. (Yes, I have thought of using one to apply foundation!)  There is bounce to the sponge but it is different from a regular sponge.  I would say the texture is what will either make you like it or not like it.

Olivia Sr. insisted on testing out the sponge because if it doesn't work on wise owl skin, then it is just bullshit!

The first product the Silisponge was tested on was cake foundation or more specifically Ben Nye Cake Makeup or other wise known as pancake foundation.  Cake foundation has to be water activated or it won't apply onto skin.

This is the result with the Silisponge.

Cake Foundation

As you can see, it applies unevenly.  The foundation tends to clump and apply very patchy.  Olivia Sr. explained it the best.

With this Silisponge, pancake makeup does not work.  Blending is hard because the silicone doesn't soak up the excess liquid to keep the foundation moist since it is water (liquid) activated. This is where a regular sponge is definitely better than the silicone one.

If you own any foundation that is water activated, you might run into the same problem.  However, if the makeup is a combination of wet/dry (which is not possible for Ben Nye Cake makeup), the silicone sponge does work.  You can use it for mineral foundation and loose powder, the only problem you might run into is using too much.

This is one of the learning curves to Silisponge, since it isn't porous, you might end up using too much product in the beginning especially liquid foundation as Olivia Sr. found out.

Liquid Foundation Application

With liquid foundation or even creams, a little goes a long way. You might not even need to use a primer because the silicone sponge will spread the makeup instead of the primer doing it! You will also use less makeup.  If you have used two squirts for foundation before, only use one. The greatest benefit Olivia Sr. found with this silicone sponge is the application around the eye area. "Very massaging and gentle," as she put it.

Here is the result of liquid foundation application on her cheek.

Liquid Foundation Result

What Olivia Sr. loved about this Silisponge is not only the ease in blending any cream makeup or liquid makeup onto her wise-owl skin.  It was the quick application. She could just swirl the makeup around without the tiring method of stippling all over the face.  The makeup also sat on her skin more smoothly since it would spread evenly over those wise-owl areas instead of skipping the way a regular sponge would.

To allow the makeup to sit more perfectly, Olivia Sr. did one more step, she buffed her face with an Artis Fluenta brush.  This not only smooths out the foundation more and brings out a glow, it also keeps the brush cleaner.  For those of you who own an Artis brush or anything similar know how foundation can dirty the brush very quickly, using the Silisponge may be an extra step, but it does make the makeup sit better.

Another important aspect to this Silisponge is the ease in cleaning it, just wash it like you would wash your hands, soap and water (or dish soap to get rid of the oils).

Buffed with Artis Brush

What conclusions does Olivia Sr. have?

Silisponge is not a silly sponge.  This makeup tool is especially good for wise owl skin.  Not only is it easier to use than a regular sponge, I recommend it as an alternative for those who do not want to buy an Artis brush or anything similar to it.   

Olivia Sr. gives Silisponge her wise owl approval.

Wise Owl Approved

By the way, if you are looking to get one, buy it from DistrictGlow.  This site has EXCELLENT customer service and very fast shipping.  I ordered the Silisponge on sale for $9.99. They also carry the Silisponge Stardust on sale for $16.99, this one fits in most of those cushion compacts.  They also carry Suva Beauty. (Yes, you guessed it, I ordered from there!)

And, remember to tell them Olivia and Olivia Sr. from The Unknown Beauty Blog sent you!!

Shop District Glow

Silisponge for your Cushion Foundations

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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