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The Best Metallic Shimmer Eyeshadows For Mature Eyes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*PR sample*

Metallic or shimmer eyeshadows are everywhere.  All look great in the pan but once on the lid, the outcome can be different especially if you are in the category of mature eyes like Olivia Sr.  Metallic shimmers capture light like jewels on the lids but on mature lids, the lights are interrupted by the creases and crevices of wisdom.

Suva Beauty The Hussle Quad

I recently got the chance to try The Hussle ($29.95) eyeshadow palette by Suva Beauty. Well, more like Olivia Sr. tried out the palette.  Before you see the result on her eyes, let me just take you on a tour of the eyeshadows in this palette.

Do the Hussle

The Hussle palette contains four neutral eyeshadow colors all metallic and shimmery.

  • Empire State - A light pink with just a slight tinge of peach
  • City of Angels - Gorgeous dark brown with a very slight tinge of burgundy
  • Gastown Grind - A warm copper orange
  • The 6ix - A warm golden gleam

The Shadows

I praised the Suva Beauty's Neutral Necessity eyeshadow palette with much enthusiasm. You probably think since I received this as a PR sample, I should praise it the same. Well, let's turn the tables.

Here are 6 reasons why you shouldn't buy Suva Beauty The Hussle palette.
  • You prefer dry looking eyelids
  • You like to prep your eyelids with many layers of products, thickening the lid with products
  • You want to emphasize your wrinkly-crinklies more
  • You prefer your shimmers to fade throughout the day
  • You prefer to spend 2 hours on your eye makeup alone
  • You don't mind the powdery and flaky finish

If you answered yes to any listed above, then The Hussle palette or even any of the Suva Beauty shimmer shadows aren't for you because you will get NONE of these characteristics in these eyeshadows.

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In fact, if you have ever wished for a very creamy powder eyeshadow, these are the ones. When I first touched these eyeshadows, I was so surprised. They actually feel wet to the touch.  They apply like liquid metal.

The Swatches

applied dry onto straight skin with no eyeshadow base

If you ever owned any of the Rock & Republic eyeshadows, you will remember how creamy they were and how pigmented they were.  Well, think of these being similar but only 10x's more creamy and pigmented!!!

They are pigmented. They are creamy. This also means application should be done a little differently.  Don't use a fluffy brush because the pigments won't grab onto the hairs.  You should use a stiff brush.  OR better yet, a sponge tip applicator or your good old finger. If you don't want dirty digits, use a silicone tip applicator.

The Best Applicator

I used this to apply the eyeshadows onto Olivia Sr.'s eyes. The following pictures are unretouched and aren't glorified with any diffusing filter or some special lighting.  It is all about wearing eyeshadow in REAL LIFE and to be seen by actual people!

Olivia Sr.

The combination of these metallic eyeshadows and the mattes from the Neutral Necessity palettes and some strategic placements of the Hydra Liners really can enhance mature eyes. Olivia Sr. feels like herself but better and it didn't take a bloody 2 1/2 hours!!!

Remember, these metallic shimmer eyeshadows from Suva Beauty are a dream!  You won't find other brands even close to the feel of these.  You don't need layers and layers of prepping products because the eyeshadows contain some moisture (dewiness) which allow the powder to stick onto the lids.  Like I mentioned, I would buy these over the French pro brand any day!

Suva Beauty has worldwide shipping! Go get your shimmers or The Hussle eyeshadow palette and tell them Olivia and Olivia Sr. from The Unknown Beauty Blog sent you!! (Always appreciated!)

Shop Suva Beauty

Olivia Sr. gives her Wise Owl Approval!

Wise Owl Approved

There will be more Suva Beauty in future postings.

*PR sample*
Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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