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The Beauty Wishlist of Z-Listed Beauty Blogger

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

After being declined and having a crappy internet connection, Murphy’s law was at my web or blog door.  I figured if things could go wrong or not work out when pursued, then why pursue them?  I took a break.

I usually do wishlists because it just gives a post for this blog and let’s people know I am still alive.  I do have about 3 posts to put up for sure. After those, who knows what I can pull out of my ass!  I might have to start borrowing someone else’s!

Anyway, here are my beauty wishes.  

By the way I am leaving out the links to some of these websites because I get nothing from them.  I am not advertising for them.  If I do have links, it is because I have tried their products.

Let’s carry on!

First off, I am curious about the pro Korean brand Mustaev.  I am familiar with many of the American pro brands but not very acquainted with Asian brands.  The only pro Asian brand I have tried is the Japanese Mitsuyoshi line. 

Nabla is another brand that has piqued my curiosity.  It is an Italian brand raved by the many popular beauty bloggers (I, not being one of them because I am late to jump on any beauty bandwagon).  I would have tried this brand but I am not one to order products from overseas.  It isn’t because I don’t trust the brand; I don’t trust the post.  You know how they like to throw things.

Suva Beauty: Hydra Liners and Cream Bases. I admit while I stayed away from the blog, I have been playing with the Suva products.  So much so that I WANT ALL OF THE HYDRA LINERS AND CREAM BASES.  They aren't just base colors or eyeliners; they are eyeshadows which can be layered to create anything from art to just plain wearable looks.

Last but not least, a Camera Ready Cosmetics GC, yeah, there are things on that site from pro to just plain fun products.  Of course I would skip the stuff from that line that rhymes with "dorf". You know me, I like to play with the pro stuff!

Not a fantastic or mesmerizing wishlist but they are items that keep my brain occupied.
As for new posts, I hope to have a new one up as soon as my brain organizes the colors and techniques in makeup.  Boy, how I wish I could be cloned!!!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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