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Makeupdrop: Beauty Blender of Silicone Sponges

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
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Silicone sponges are proliferating the beauty market and they appear to be a serious makeup tool for well-established makeup artists.  Why not? Silicone sponges are easy to clean and they use less makeup.  They definitely last longer than the average liquid soaking sponge.  But what makes one silicone sponge different from the other?  I didn't know until I tried the Makeupdrop.

Makeup Drop - Tear Drop Shape

A few posts back Olivia Sr. reviewed a similar silicone sponge and gave it raves.  That one is reasonably priced at $12 as a serious non-knock-off brand.  The Makeupdropis higher priced at $20 and honestly if it weren't a PR sample, I probably would have never paid attention to it because of the price.  However, the higher price tag on this pad of silicone does distinguish itself from others.

Comparison - The Shape

Makeupdrop is shaped more conveniently when it comes to application.  The teardrop shape or the pointed tip allows for the makeup to be applied in those difficult areas like the sides of the nose and around the eyes.

Comparison - The Thickness

Makeupdrop is also thicker than the other brand Olivia Sr. reviewed.  What you can't see is how it feels; it is more firm than the other.  It isn't hard but it has that firmness which doesn't tire the hand or fingers when held and applying makeup.

The Structure

With all silicone sponges since they are non-absorbing, it takes very little makeup to use on the face.  Other tips to consider:

  • Prepping the skin is minimal.  In other words if you feel the makeup slipping all over your skin, skip the primer.  The Makeupdrop will spread the makeup rather than the primer allowing the makeup to spread.
  • Apply foundation onto Makeupdrop first or you will end up with too much on the face!
  • DON'T remove the wrapping! It is supposed to be encased.  Once the wrapping is punctured or torn, then it is time for a new one.  

As mentioned in the other review of the silicone sponge, this one also smells like jasmine.  It doesn't stink as mentioned in some of the knock-offs.

The Amount of Foundation

It doesn't take much foundation, a drop will pretty much do half a face.  To apply makeup, it isn't as difficult or tiring as a regular sponge since it won't soak up the moisture of a product.  Spreading the makeup is better than stippling.  In fact, you might not have to stipple at all.  Just think of apply frosting on a cake, just spread it out!


What I like about Makeupdrop is the ability to apply foundation or even concealer around the eye area.  It also does a fabulous job around the nose area.

The Foundation Finish

The picture below is an unretouched photo of my cheek without foundation.  I do have freckles or hyperpigmentation or some kind of imperfect description which people want to name.  (To me, I have had these spots since I was a little girl and they are a part of me.  The universe hasn't told me I am not allowed to live because of this! Therefore, I don't think of them as flaws but my personality!)

Before & After - Unretouched

Here is my skin with foundation applied with the Makeupdrop, also unretouched.

For those of you who live in a retouched world.  I have included a picture of the above in retouched version.

After - Retouched

The price of this Makeupdrop may be a bit steep for $20, but (you will buy a $60 lipstick!) I do prefer this one due to its shape and firmness.  It is also very well made; silicone pad is encased sturdily inside the wrapping.  There is nothing negative I can say about this silicone sponge.  I give it 👍 !

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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