Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Zoe & Zac Naturals Makeup Palettes

In my previous post I introduced the palettes without an in depth review.  This time, I have checked out the colors, textures, and products thoroughly.

The palettes are housed in a lightweight yet sturdy cardboard container that has a window and a small mirror on the inner cover.  The size is 4" x 3 1/2" x 3'8" (10.2cm x 8.9 cm x 1cm) and includes a small brush/sponge tip applicator.  The pans themselves look to be the average small round pan (26mm) but they ARE NOT.  They are a tad smaller than that.  The eyeshadows are mineral based and do not contain any talc.  Both the lips and eyeshadows are paraben free and are not tested on animals; packaging is recyclable.  Those are the basics.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Zoe & Zac Naturals cosmetics-Payless ShoeSource Beauty Line

When Nouveau Cheap mentioned that Payless ShoeSource would start carrying beauty products, well that widened my eyes.  I hate to say this but I never had any interest in entering a Payless shoe store.  It had nothing to do with the shoes, I just had no reason to buy anything from there.  However, since I saw one while shopping recently, I entered and noticed the brand spanking new display of cosmetics and bath products.   

Monday, September 27, 2010

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Giveaway is Finished-A Slight Lie-And the prize goes to....

As I sit in my pj's writing this in the early morning-2:00AM, I have to confess that I lied.  I am sorry and I deeply apologize that I can't have 2 winners. :-(  Instead, I will have THREE!!!!! And, yes you still get 60 each!  So, congratulations to my three WINNERS!!!! *throws confetti*

With the random number widget these are the three numbers which were chosen.

  • 31-Susan
  • 26-Vanessa D
  • 14-Selina McEntee
CONGRATS TO MY THREE WINNERS!!!! If you see this before I email you, please go right ahead and email me back with your address.

And to the others, I wish I could give all of you the same prize but I can't.  However, I thank you all for entering and making blogging fun! Love you all!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

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EZ Smoky Eye Featuring 3CC Opaline Creme Eye Definer and Fyrinnae Velvet Vampire

In my previous post, I only described the colors and texture of the Three Custom Color Specialists Opaline Creme Eye Definers.  In this post I show its versatility as an eyeliner and eyeshadow/eyebase.  I also show how simple it is to apply Fyrinnae's Arcane Magic Velvet Vampire when it is mixed with a non-oily eye makeup remover.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

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Borghese Nail Lacquer-Stellare Notte

The name evokes a romantic dinner under a moonlit starry sky slurping the same string of spaghetti with your lovely and embarrassingly glance away as your lips meet.  Okay, I was thinking of Bella Notte from the animated film Lady and the Tramp but this polish actually conjures up romance and sophistication.  Maybe, because it comes from Borghese, a once cosmetic counter brand that now markets its nail products at drugstores.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

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How to Wet Your Cake

using various liquids as eyeliner sealant

No, the post isn't about baking or eating; it's about turning your eyeshadows into eyeliners. There are three basic products that can do this: water, eyeliner sealant, and non-oily eye make up remover. Yes, the third is correct but it has to be a non-oily one. And, the end result can vary due to the type of eyeshadow used, is it a cake eyeliner, a regular eyeshadow, or a loose one?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

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Glitterama Bama-L.A. Splash Cosmetics Glitter Eyeliners

I like eyeliner and I probably have enough for a couple of pounds of potatoes (anyone get the connection?).  I told myself many times that I wouldn't buy more eyeliner when I am standing at the L.A. Splash Cosmetics display at Ulta, but the colors are so pretty and sparkly that I succumb.  For any of you that are wary of all the glitter, the website does sell matte eyeliners and metallic eyeliners in a plethora of colors.  My Ulta does not carry these which leaves me a bit miffed but if it did I would be buying them left and right!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

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A Major Giveaway!!!!!! Sixty Eyeshadows!!!

I am The Unknown Beauty Blog because it's really more of a habit.  If I were an actress, I would mainly be a character actor and do independent films just because they are more interesting than playing the same character over and over in a big budget film.  But, I am not an actor, just an independent blogger who has to do something mainstream.  I feel like I am breaching my own system when I say I am doing a giveaway. Or better yet like Andy Warhol said, it isn't that he "breached what he preached, but that he was failing his own philosophy."

Monday, September 6, 2010

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Barielle Style in Argyle Fall 2010- Cowl of the Wild & Tight Knit

I seem to be on a nail polish kick lately and I can't help it because every time I go to the store there is a bunch of new colors! I saw the brand-spanking new display at Ulta and thought to myself, I don't have any taupe neutral colors.  I bought the two that caught my eye, the others like Aura Angora appeared a bit too warm for my very light olive (NC20-25) skin tone and would have made me look like I had some liver disease.  The two I chose were Cowl of the Wild (top picture) for its creamy neutral brown with the undertone of grey taupe.  And, Tight Knit (bottom picture) for that soft neutral brown purple-mauve more on the purple mauve than brown on my skin.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

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Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Polish-Night Lights and Purpla Gala

I bought the Sally Hansen Night Lights a very long time ago, so long ago that I know it has been at least 3 years ago.  I bought this one because I could no longer find my favorite holographic topcoat Northern Lights at any of the beauty supply stores that I frequented for some reason.  I actually finished the Northern Lights polish!  That is how much I loved it.  And writing this way, I am thinking I had my Northern Lights before I really had an internet connection.  Now, I see it is available online in a few places and I might have to get it again, but in the meantime I bought Sally Hansen for its holographic properties AND the sheer black base.

Friday, September 3, 2010

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L A Splash Nail Polish-Blue Splash

I like blue nail polish and this one looked so pretty in the display L.A. Splash Blue Splash polish, the shimmering cobalt sheen that glistened so dreamily like the water waves of the ocean during a quiet sunset.  Yes, I was mesmerized to say the least and I hoped to mesmerize my nails. This one was reasonably priced ($3.99USD), however the bottle is smaller than most polishes so maybe, it evens out.  Still, I don't really need a big bottle of blue. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Three Custom Colors Coupon Code for Labor Day Weekend

If you haven't tried any of 3CC products or need to stock up, this weekend is a good time to start.
Three Custom Color Specialists (3CC) is having a 20%off sale with code:  LABOR.  This is good through Monday.  My favorite items are the bronzers in both pressed and loose form, face powders, Noir lipstick, and both Opaline eyeliners.  Now, go shop!

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