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Julie Hewett Lipsticks and Lip Pencils

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

I figured since I had the Bijou lipsticks up, I should have the rest of the lipstick pictures up. I will eventually have all the other stuff up in due time. Unlike the Bijou lipsticks which come in a non-dressy black case, Julie Hewett's Icons, Sheers, and Noirs come in a luxurious gold casing that looks like expensive jewelry. Pop this one out of your purse in the ladies room or at the table and watch out for the curious glances.

Noir Lipsticks ($22.50USD)

These are red lipsticks that reflect the era of reds throughout the 20th century. If you ever find yourself having to deal with the lipsticks of a certain era, these lipsticks can define a decade in history. The colors are semi-matte which means they are saturated with color and have that moisturizing glow rather than the flat matte tint of the 90's. The texture is creamy enough to apply the smoothest coat of red on the lips yet it isn't slippery. The formula doesn't feel like a heavy coating on the lips and it also moves with the mouth, no cracking, drying, fading of pigment and moisture. The color stays true all day or until you eat a salad with salad dressing or some oil laden food. Then reapplication is needed. There is a soft scent of camellia and maybe rose but nothing overpowering. The colors have a softness to them that completes a look but doesn't compete with the complexion. (The picture shows lips lined with the corresponding lip liners.)

  • Nude Noir-The color reflects the 1960's where lips started to go into the opposite direction towards nude or invisible red. Don't let the name scare you if you shy away from nudes, only means it lacks red. The color shimmery peach amber.

  • Rouge Noir-A 1950's red. The color definitely reflects that decade of post war, television, entertainment, and family life; the stable life. The red is a true red that doesn’t lean on cool or warm, rests perfectly in the center of the red spectrum.

  • Sin Noir-A 1920's red. The color definitely reflects that decade of fun and freedom. Mostly women had freedom to vote and do away with their whale bone corsets. This is blackcherry wine, nothing gothic but definitely a dark colored lipstick.

  • Belle Noir-A 1940's red. The color definitely tries to counteract that decade of WWII with some brightness and warmth. The red is bright warm coral red. This is the warmest red out of the bunch.

  • Coco Noir-A 1920's red. The color definitely reflects that decade of fun, freedom, and the flapper. The color is a red with that naughty touch burnt red or brick red which never goes reaches brown.

  • Femme Noir-A 1930's red. The color definitely tries to counteract the uneasiness of that time caused from the Great Depression by going towards more of a brighter version of a 1920's red. The red is definitely a scarlet red, a blue red.

Icon of Beauty Lipsticks ($22.50USD)

These are the same texture and wear like the Noir lipsticks. All are named after celebs and you can guess who. The icon lip pictures have all been outlined with the Nude Noir lip pencil.

  • Annette-The color is a semi-matte rose mauve brown. This is one that I would consider an everyday lipstick that is close to Your Lips But Better (YLBB). What makes this color different from all other YLBB's? Well, I have to say that it is sophisticated, mature, fashionable but not trendy; it isn't the type of color that is the in-style-at-the-moment color, this is a classic that will never look outdated. By mature, I don't mean old-ladyish, I mean it isn't the type of color that competes with the other fashion oriented cosmetic lipstick colors out there. This one will always look good on anyone of any age. The color is never overpowering. It has a softness to it that completes a look but doesn't compete with the complexion.

  • Thandie-The color is similar to Nude Noir except this one is rosier and less shimmery. I would describe this as a rose apricot brandy infused with gold glimmer.

  • Scarlett-The color has no shimmer but has a creamy glint of blue woven into a rose fuchsia base. The color echoes a bit of the 1980's but has a modern and mature tone. This fuchsia has depth, still has some brightness but not the day-glo punk fuchsia of the 80's. It also has the maturity and sophistication of some deep rose hue that makes it fashionable and chic. The blue adds that touch of spunkiness to it. Definitely, a cool-toned lipstick that isn't for everyone. Julie suggest using this with her Nude Noir lipliner. The picture shows it with the Nude Noir, but Femme Noir lipliner matches it better.

Noir Sheer ($22.50USD)

These are very pigmented sheer lipsticks. They have a smooth and non waxy texture which glide easily onto the lips without feeling greasy or slippery. The texture allows for customizable coverage but never goes dry or matte. They always have that glossy soft sheen. Like the other lipsticks, this one does have a slight rose/camellia oil scent which isn't bothersome. I would suggest these lipsticks to start out with if you are afraid of reds or just want something that can be worn all year round without looking too made up. (The picture above shows the lips outlined with the corresponding lip liners.)

  • Gem Noir-A raspberry red that doesn't lean towards a pink but more towards a rose red. This is the type of red to wear that evokes that innocence on the lips. If you ever see a child's lips, she/he has that perfectly pigmented color on the lips with dewiness; this is a similar color.

  • Oona Noir-Named after Oona Chaplin. The color is a soft cherry popsicle red. It does lean towards the cool side but not in the blue toned sense. While Gem Noir evoked innocence, this one evokes sophistication. This one is deeper in tone than Gem Noir but not quite as dark as Film Noir.

  • Film Noir-A sheer blackcherry red. While Gem Noir evoked innocence and Oona Noir sophistication, this one is the seductive one out of the bunch. Don't let the darkness of the color scare you, it is nowhere near gothic. If you found Sin Noir too dense in pigment, this would be the sheer alternative. It is a cool toned color but not to the point where it goes towards blue. It has a richness to it that really works with the porcelain skin tones to the darkest of skin tones.

Julie Hewett Lip Pencils

Julie Hewett lip pencils are a bit on the dry side which only makes them good as liners and not pencils to fill in the lips which makes sense since the lipsticks are already saturated with color and stay put. These pencils are more geared towards prevention of lipstick bleeding into the lines and for precision shaping and application of the colors. If you have some dryness, a good dose of lip balm is recommended for a smoother application.

Noir and Sheer Noir Lip Pencils ($15USD)

  • Belle Noir-A muted warm red leaning slightly towards an orange red.

  • Coco Noir-A warm dark red which is darker than Belle Noir.

  • Femme Noir-A bright blue red.

  • Nude Noir-A matte apricot brandy with a very very slight tinge of mauve.

  • Rouge Noir-A bright true red, neither warm nor cool, orange or red; just right in the middle.

  • Sin Noir-A deep wine red.

  • Film Noir-A deep blackberry that lacks the wine tone of Sin Noir.

  • Gem Noir-a muted warm rose red.

  • Oona Noir-A deep red with some burgundy tones, similar to Sin Noir but leaning towards the cherry tone.

Hue Lip Pencils ($15USD)

Hue lip pencils are more of the neutral natural lip pencil colors that go well with the Bijou lipsticks.

  • Hue 004-A pinky mauve color. If you are going to use this with Julie's lip items, Edie and Kiki go well with this liner and also the Lip Lush Sophie.

  • Hue 007-A reddish brown color with a very slight tinge of wine. Maybe this is the James Bond of lipliners. The color is a beauty on its own. Nothing chocolatey brown or milky nudish brown, very friendly and wearable redwood brown but not really enough red to make it go in that direction. If you are going to use this with Julie's lip items, Odessa lipstick goes well with it and Lip Lush Bardot.

  • Hue 009-The warmest out of the Hue lip pencil group. This one is a brown peach color. Nothing beige or taupe, just carmelized peach tone. If you are going to use this with Julie's lip items, Biba and Celeste lipstick goes well with it and Lip Lush Bardot.

  • Hue 011-The coolest toned lipliner out of the bunch. This one is a somewhat berry mauve. It doesn't show any pink but maybe just a slight tinge of wine but definitely more berry. If you are going to use this with Julie's lip items, Lulu and Julies lipstick goes well with it and Lip Lush Harlow.

You can't go wrong with Julie Hewett's lipsticks when it comes to reds. She knows her reds and if you watch many films today, Julie's red lipsticks are featured in many because of the saturation of color and the ease of application. Definitely, worth a try if you find them.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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